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Emily in Paris’ Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu turned heads with her look!

Emily in Paris star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Sylvie, turned heads with her look at the Paris Mens’ Fashion Week!

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

The actress, 58, attended Paris Mens’ Fashion Week wearing a perfectly fitted, sheer forest green dress without bra.
She paired the look with a black coat, strappy silver heels, a black tiny bag and one single statement earring.

Leroy-Beaulieu is a trendsetter both on and off screen

On the series, she plays Emily’s tough boss. Her elegant and sophisticated style never fails to amaze fans while playing PR executive Sylvie Grateau.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu has become a strong example of an actor who embraces aging and disrupts old industry portrayals of women on TV – just like the SATC women during the revival of the series, And Just Like That.

Annie Brown wrote about her in a Vogue opinion piece

Sylvie isn’t just the most stylish character on Emily in Paris, she’s the ultimate inspiration for aging well. She is the pared-back, sharp tongued foil to Emily Cooper’s perky American ingénue in Paris. What’s more she’s doing a service to women in untangling fears about aging. The lingering idea being that French women are sexpots while they’re young and then poof it goes as they dare to age.

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Source: People

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