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Emily in Paris showrunner and cast break down season 3 twists and hopes for season 4!

When Lily Collins said the Emily in Paris season 3 finale felt like “five [episodes] in one,” she wasn’t kidding. It’s only 37 minutes long, but the Emily in Paris season 3 finale packs in a lot of drama.

Series creator and showrunner Darren Star and cast members Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Camille Razat, Lucas Bravo and Lucien Laviscout break down all these shockers, plans for season 4, and whether or not Star has an ending in sight for the show.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Emily in Paris season 3.

Emily in Paris showrunner breaks down season 3 twists and hopes for season 4!

Let’s start at the very end, and poor Alfie. When did you know things were going to pan out this way and what does it mean for him going forward?

DARREN STAR: I think it’s something that we thought about and we kind of worked backwards from this bombshell. And I don’t think it means Alfie is out of the picture. I think Alfie is already very much embedded in the lives of these characters and work and everything like that. So the question moving forward is, how so? He works with Gabriel, he worked with Emily, but it’s definitely going to be a lot more fraught next season.

“I do think you can love [with] as much intensity more than one person. Doesn’t mean you can’t be with more than one person,” Lucas Bravo added.

Lily Collins believes Alfie’s breakup with Emily may be for good this time, prefacing by saying that she doesn’t know which direction Star plans to go in with regard to Emily’s romantic life and if she’ll test the waters with Gabriel. 

“Emily has had to fight to win Alfie back once, so I don’t know if that’s going to happen again,” the actress and producer offered. “I don’t know how Alfie feels about that. I don’t know where Gabriel sits because we’ve expressed feelings, but there’s a baby on the way.”

Lucien Laviscount addressed whether he saw a reconciliation in Emily and Alfie’s future.

“You know what, who knows? But it was my time on the show. This season has been really, truly phenomenal. I’ve had such a good time working with the guys and how the storylines play out. I’m here to feed the storyline at the end of the day and feed it for Emily.” The actor shared he’s still on the Team Gabriel train at the end of the day. “But I just want her to be happy. She deserves to be happy.”

Added Bravo, “I’m rooting for every character to get their stuff in order and to be happy with themselves.”

Maybe he will get a new love interest?

Very possibly.

And what about Emily? Does this reveal with Camille mean we’ll be seeing her as a stepmom down the line?

I don’t know. I don’t think this implies that Gabriel and Emily are suddenly gonna race into each other’s arms. I think it’s an obstacle. And I think there’s a lot of messy business between them that would need to be resolved before they honestly entered into a relationship. I think there’s a lot that Gabriel found out about very quickly about the nature of this pact that she made with Camille, and this idea of feeling manipulated by these two women may not sit well with him.

Lucas Bravo described the finale’s last moments “like a big firework.”  

“From the moment we get into that church, the way it’s written and the way it unravels, everything makes sense and it also takes you back to things that happened before and it connects to everything from previous seasons and episodes, and it feels like a big firework,” the French actor said. “The way Alfie leaves the church is very strong, the way Camille leaves me at the altar and that last scene with Emily, we were so focused. And when [creator] Darren [Star] told me, ‘You have the last word this season,’ I feel invested with a mission. It’s always very alive on set on Emily and that night you could hear the flies and everybody was so silent. And the moon was full and we were just in silence.”

With Camille expecting a baby, Razat shared her thoughts about possibly sporting a baby bump in season 4 as her character embarks on her unexpected pregnancy journey.

“I hope not!” the actress admitted, “because I don’t know fashion-wise. Kate [Walsh] is rocking [a baby bump] but it’s huge, so it’s cute when it’s just a little bit.” Collins, though, expressed faith that Razat would “look so good” with a growing baby bump on Emily in Paris

“Maybe it’ll be fast-forwarded a year and we’ll just have a baby,” Park quipped, with Collins joking in good fun, “Or maybe it’s twins.”

Razat admitted she’s a bit nervous about the prospect of possibly working with a baby if the story calls for it.

“I did a shooting once with a baby, and I think that’s very hard and stressful because I’m always very afraid to hurt [the baby],” she shared. “And I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’ I cannot deal with babies. I love them, but I don’t know how to do it.”

Let’s talk about Mindy, and Benoit’s revelation about the song. Are we going to Eurovision next season?!

Yes, I hope so. That’s the plan. I think we’ve got a really wonderful Eurovision-worthy song that can be quite competitive. And I think for Mindy that part is still really important to her, that artistic side. And it’s why she came to Paris. I think it’s gonna reignite that passion and that dream.

Mindy and Benoit’s song actually had a part of its own this season almost. What went into that?

So we had Freddy Wexler, a terrific songwriter, and Ashley put me together with him. So we wanted to create this song, and Freddy wrote it last season. We talked about the dynamics behind it, and what I wanted the song to be, and what I wanted to express. And really, because the song was so beautiful, and I just loved it so much, I just felt like it had more of a life in terms of story for the show. And it feels like this song was like a gift for us, to be able to have it connected with the show and to play with.

What was the biggest challenge creatively for you when imagining this season?

It’s not so much a challenge as it is an opportunity, but it was to tell richer stories for all the ensemble and the characters. And I feel like the first couple seasons were much more from Emily’s point of view. And I think season 3, the perspective and the points of view broaden out to sort of include the rest of the ensemble. We’ve had such a terrific cast, so it was great to have the opportunity to sort of write more and dig in more for all these other characters.

Right, like we got see Sylvie be lucky in love when it seemed everyone else’s love lives were falling apart.

Yeah. She deserves that.

What will the Michelin star mean for Gabriel and his future?

Well, I think that there’s a lot of pressure involved in keeping a Michelin star, and what it is, and what it means to have one, and dealing with success and the level of the demand. I think Emily’s made Gabriel a more ambitious person. That also sort of comes with its own set of pressures and problems, but I also love writing a show where I can touch on that sort of cuisine — we actually got a Michelin food stylist involved in the show this season — and what it means to have a restaurant and what goes into that. I think we’ll explore that a little more next season.

How far along are you with season 4 and what can you tell us about it?

With season 4, we really don’t jump in and start thinking about it until after the first of the year. But you know, there’s a lot of ideas that I feel like I have from this season. There’s a lot of forks in the road for all these characters at the end of season 3 and a lot of complications for everyone. So I think that with season 4, we have a lot of questions to answer. I think the show is always about just finding ways to get deeper into the lives of all the characters, and I think we’re gonna be able to do that in an even bigger way for season 4.

Do you have an end game in mind yet for Emily?

I actually don’t have that one big ending for Emily. I think that as the universe of the show expands it just creates new opportunities for all the characters. So, we’re not looking and we don’t have an end in sight at the moment.

Samuel Arnold Reveals He’s Ready to See Julien “Win” After Surprising Finale

Julien may just be ready to put in his two weeks’ notice at Agence Grateau. Samuel Arnold, who plays trendy marketing expert Julien on Emily in Paris, hinted that the rivalry between his character and Lily Collins‘ titular Emily will only continue to escalate in the future.

“When they met each other, it’s like there is this rivalry, which is bon enfant,” he exclusively told E! News. “Like we say in French, it’s just childish. There’s nothing too serious about it, but they become real friends and allies. But there is something that doesn’t really sit well with Julien, regarding Emily.”

As he continued, Samuel noted that “a new color” will arise on Julien, as his character finds himself green with envy this season. In fact, Julien’s frustrations with Emily interfering with his work pushes Julien to consider a potential new business opportunity in the season three finale.

And we have a feeling this opportunity has something to do with Madeline (Kate Walsh), as she was seeking a new French president for Savoir’s Parisian office earlier in the season.

Not to mention, Julien noticeably wrote the following email in English, not French: “I’ve considered your offer. Please do not discuss with anyone.”

Camille Razat: “I hope that Emily and Camille stay friends, I do.”

Lily appeared equally optimistic, pitching that Emily should babysit the little one—when the time comes.

Although, as co-star Ashley Park pointed out, maybe her character Mindy should be in charge of babysitting since she was already a nanny. Or maybe not, as Ashley further quipped, “She’s not a good one.”

“I think sometimes when you’re in a relationship for such a long time, if there is lack of spiciness, if there is lack of passion, I think maybe it’s time to move on.”

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Source: EW / ET Online / E!News

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