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Euphoria: read the script for Cal’s breakdown!

If you’ve ever wondered what an actual script would look like, this is your lucky day: read Sam Levinson’s Cal’s breakdown script for ‘Euphoria’!

Eric Dane, who plays Cal Jacobs, looks back on that scene as a career highlight. He shared why he loved this scene more than anything he’s ever done.

“This scene had so much in it. I’ve never been given such a dynamic piece to work with. It’s usually pretty binary, somewhat linear, and this one just moves so well and it’s all over the place, and I love that about it. I was willing to have it be as messy and sloppy as it could possibly be because that’s where Cal was at the time. It’s a hard thing as an actor to go, ‘I don’t give a s— if I fall on my face and I look bad,’ but I really had to lean into that with this piece. There’s no vanity with this character, especially in this moment. I hope Cal gets an epic soliloquy every season.”

Euphoria: read the script for Cal's breakdown!

His line delivery of “I am who I am” went viral on TikTok

“That’s so weird, because that was one of the lines I wished I would’ve done differently. I thought there was a better way, or maybe more decisive. It’s interesting that’s one of the lines that ended up going viral, but I’m happy that was the outcome. I don’t know what’s best for me. I’m my own worst critic.”

He learned the scene was coming at a table read

“My reaction was, ‘Okay, this is going to be fun.’ It was slightly terrifying, but it was written so well, and [showrunner Sam Levinson] didn’t want me to change anything from what we had at the table read. The monologue is an exponential rise, and it’s a pretty smooth trajectory. I made sure that I knew what I was saying so that I could forget about what I was saying and not have to worry about what I was saying. I didn’t want to have to act, I wanted it to just be natural and real.”

Read the script for Cal’s breakdown on Euphoria 2 below

Euphoria: read the script for Cal's breakdown!
Credits: EW

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Source: EW

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