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HomemanifestEverything to know about Manifest season 3!

Everything to know about Manifest season 3!

Are you catching up now on this rich plot twists and want to share your thoughts? Here are all our impressions on Manifest season 3!

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Manifest season 3 episode 1

Ben and the plane
Crítica: 3x01 de Manifest muda tudo e indica que todos morreram

Our beloved Ben, played by Prince Charming Josh Dallas is on a mission to Cuba along with Vance and one of their team. As you may recall, season 2 ended with the discovery of a part of the plane on which the passengers of flight 828 were travelling.
Apparently, it really is a part of their plane! This creates new dynamics and theories. Ben begins to claim, at the end of the episode, that they died on that plane. This is also thanks to the Calling he had, where he saw the plane explode and them die. According to him it is therefore resurrection. At the moment, it is the only plausible theory, however plausible the resurrection is! This theory seems even more possible after seeing the end of the episode, when the 3 men dead in the lake at the end of last season return to the surface, alive.

Stellaris - The great Space Novel -...
Stellaris - The great Space Novel - Introduction to the PCPH Channel
Michaela and Zeke, the power couple
Manifest 3x01: foto dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

Michaela and Zeke are on their honeymoon and they’re both fine!
In my opinion they are wonderful and I adore them together! I hope the drama with Jared is over: I think (and I hope) they will create something between him and Drea (Michaela’s colleague).
I really liked the Mick-Zeke couple in solving this Calling, ended luckily well. We met the first new character of season 3: Angelina. If you want to know more about her, read this article!

Manifest 3x01: prima clip dall'episodio "Tailfin" - Serie Tv -

It was nice to see Saanvi in her scrubs again. She has not yet recovered from what happened with the Major. Plus, things are about to get complicated after her daughter turned to Jared to find her missing mother. We don’t know what happened to the Major’s body, but Vance and his team probably covered it up. However, the daughter could also be personally involved and be part of her mother’s plan: I don’t trust her.

I was sorry to see Vance sacrifice himself (again): let’s hope nothing happens to him and that he is fine!

Manifest season 3 episode 2

Michaela, the meth men and Olive&Angelina

Michaela’s finally back to work, and things get complicated right away. The three meth men, the ones who drowned in the lake at the end of last season, came back to life. But Michaela is forced to follow the protocols: failure to comply will be the dismissal! After a reckless chase alongside her partner Drea, the two manage to hang one of the three criminals. In reality it is only because he decided to abandon his brother and the other “friend” after finding on the ground a photo that portrayed him and his brother as children.

The link between the man and Angelina, the passenger found in the last episode and that was there thanks to Olive’s help, is intriguing. I can not wait to find out what lies behind this unexpected connection. Also because among the three criminals, he was the most human. I hope they don’t see him as an enemy but, on the contrary, as an ally!

Grace’s halfbrother

Here’s another new character: it’s Grace’s half-brother, who asks for help to escape the radar of the three criminals. However, the relationship between the two is not the best, but thanks to Cal the two sibings talk and reconcile, at least for now. I’m curious to know what happened between them, I hope they will explain it in the next episodes, maybe with a flashback. For now I like this new character, played by Warner Miller. We will see how his story will continue!
But for now, Grace and the two little ones in the family will not be joined by Ben and Olive. The Stone family is once again divided.

Ben + more questions!

Ben frees Vance, but at what cost?
He had to reveal that he is still alive and someone (probably the agent who helped him) leaked the news about the finding of the tailfin of plane. This will bring quite a few problems. First of all, the media relentlessness. Then, the fear of the world towards the passengers: what really happened?

More questions:
What is happening to Ben’s hand? Why does it shine after touching the plane?
Now that Michaela has heard of the Major’s disappearance, what will happen to Saanvi? What happened to the Major’s body? Is she really dead?
Has Zeke developed a new “power” after the loss of the Callings? He seems to have become a sort of “empathetic”. In the last episode this happened with Mick, in this episode with Saanvi. Can he feel what others feel? Can he feel when people need help? This new twist intrigues me a lot!

Manifest season 3 episode 3


Ben, after a Calling, knows a new passenger. He will help him solve the Calling, saving a boy named Caleb. As we well know, every Calling has a precise meaning and purpose, and this is no less! Unfortunately, Ben does not grasp all this. Caleb turns out to be the younger brother of one of the meth dealers, Kory. The passenger, Caleb, turns out to be a thief, as well as a person with a strong photographic memory. In one of the stolen items, there was a piece of the artifact that Olive and Angelina were analyzing with the student’s help. It was the missing piece, and now it’s in a trash can. Will they still be able to reconnect the pieces?

Grace, Tarik and Cal
Manifest 3x03: clip dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

Grace and Cal are guests of Grace’s half-brother, Tarik. The two have a confrontation and seem to have finally cleared up. I really hope that is the case and that they will not continue for too long with this story, because it would be boring.
Cal instead sees peacocks everywhere, which is not exactly a good sign, since in past seasons this has brought only disasters or death. At the end of the episode, the voice of Cal resonates in the heads of the three drug dealers. How is it possible? I hope we’ll find out soon. In any case, the three have always been linked to Cal, since the shadows he saw in his room. The reason, however, is still unknown.


I’m glad Michaela decided to stay close to Beverly and take care of her. I’m even happier that she has someone like Zeke by her side, who loves her and helps her.
Embarrassing, but also fun, watching scenes with Mick, Zeke and Jared. However, I hope I don’t have to see this love triangle again, because it’s boring. Mick is with Zeke, enough.

Vance is finally free, and perhaps after seeing what he saw, he will stay. I can’t wait to find out what they showed him!
I am very worried about Saanvi: I hope everything is all right!

Manifest season 3 episode 4

Manifest 3x04: clip dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

This episode was kinda shocking, a succession of twists and turns!
Let’s start with the secret searches conducted by the government. ALL THIS TIME, THEY HAD SO MANY PARTS OF THE PLANE. I mean, are you kidding me?!
Not to mention the passenger who died in one of the past seasons, killed by a firearm. Well, according to research, the current autopsy says she died of an airborne explosion, with traces of algae only found at the point where Flight 828 would theoretically have exploded. But this discovery gives us a certainty: the passengers have actually died on that plane! They are really “resurrected”! I’m even more curious than before!
I’m glad Saanvi’s joined the team.
But I’m worried about Jared, who’s getting too close to the truth.

Manifest 3x04: clip dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

I really liked the story of the “meth trio”. It was very engaging and intriguing! I’m glad they were able to solve the Calling: I hope Pete and Kory can redeem themselves. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much to do for Jace. It is interesting to see how the three of them were enemies at the beginning, while now thanks to this shocking narrative, the viewer sympathizes with them (or at least two of them).

I hope we will be able to see more scenes between Pete and Angelina. I really like the character of Angelina: she’s so sweet!
Nice to see Olive live a minimum of normality. I hope we will see TJ soon! For now I’m glad to hear him mentioned often!

Manifest season 3 episode 5 and 6

Death Date

Pete, Jace, and Kory’s Death Dates are getting closer and closer, and the Callings aren’t over. Unfortunately, this time they involve Michaela, who is in danger. Jace in fact seeks revenge and wants to kill her. You’ve all seen the episode so it’s pointless for me to tell every last detail. The fact is that Jace fortunately fails in his intent – Mick gets away with a dislocated shoulder. Could be worse in short.
But Jace is looking for Cal too: he is convinced that by killing the child, they will not die. His theory’s a little out of control, but let’s leave him in his soup. Pete, Kory and the whole gang are doing everything they can to stop this from happening, but it ends badly anyway.

Tarik didn’t mind his business
Manifest 3x05: clip dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

Part of the blame lies with Tarik, Grace’s half-brother. He couldn’t mind his own business, could he? No, it’s too hard. Enthusiastic about the 828-themed restaurant idea, he goes to the bar to talk about it. Obviously it can never go smoothly for the Stone family. In fact, Tarik finds at the bar the only journalist within a radius of 50 km, which obviously places in his article the location where Grace, Cal and the little girl are. But then there are also the Callings doing their job, with Cal’s voice leading the three men to him.

But let’s make a small jump back, because at the beginning of episode 3×05 Pete was in prison. He was then transferred to the government’s secret laboratory by order of Vance, as they had to carry out tests. Ben, after several attempts and the promise to be tested in his place once the whole thing is resolved, manages to take him with him to help them.
A promise he’ll be forced to keep, given how things turned out.

Episode 5×06: shock
Recap: The Last Trial Commences in 'Manifest' Season 3, Episode 6  “Graveyard Spiral” | Nerds and Beyond

Episode 3×06 was one shock after another. The shooting scene was the most exciting. I felt sorry for Tarik, and I understand Grace’s reaction. Among other things, beautiful performance by Athena Karkanis (Grace), very expressive without falling into exaggeration!
The highlight of course is the end. After Jace’s death, everything seems to be over for the better. The “last trial” ended with the death of Jace alone, who was the only one who did not redeem himself, just as predicted by the ancient parchment studied by Olive.
But it all falls apart when the missing part of the artifact magically falls into Olive’s hands. The three souls will all be judged together, not individually. And then Kory and Pete die.

I’m so sorry because it was an unjust and surprising death.
But this also gives us a new starting point: will the souls of the passengers of flight 828 be judged all together and not individually? If even one passenger doesn’t follow the Callings, does that put everyone else’s life at risk?

Manifest season 3 episode 7 and 8

Manifest 3x07 - 3x08

Ben, as promised, cooperates with the government to be tested by the scientists of the center. Everything without anyone knowing anything, not even Michaela. The sister soon learns of all this after she and other passengers have the same Calling: a giant cloud is located just above the facility that houses the center run by Vance. Ben is seen as a collaborator of the “enemy”.

But the lab comes up with a theory: even the passengers, just like Pete, Jace and Kory, are tied to each other. That means that on the day of the Death Date, they will all be judged together. A discovery that we had already hypothesized after seeing the ending of last week’s episode, but now it becomes more real and concrete.
This means that they need to make sure that all passengers follow the Callings and that no one screws up, basically. Ben takes this responsibility, but things with other passengers are not going well. After a kidnapping and a night in prison, Ben makes it clear: we hope that everyone understands the situation!

Enough of this love-triangle!
Manifest 3x07 Precious Cargo Season 3 Episode 7 Trailer - Manifest 3x08  Destination Unknown Season 3 Episode 8 Trailer - video Dailymotion

Michaela is not on the same wavelength as her brother regarding the collaboration with the government. However, they manage to collaborate to solve the case of a passenger.
Very compelling story of episode 3×08, with a twist.

Another plot twist, this time boring though, concerns AGAIN the Mick – Zeke – Jared triangle.
Leaving aside Jared’s questionable choice of dating the Major’s daughter (with all the people, her?!), I hoped that Mick was really just worried about him, like any friend would.
Instead, other than that there might be another feeling. Jealousy perhaps? We do not know for sure, unlike the poor Zeke who instead felt what Michaela was feeling in that moment. His new power is a double-edged weapon, and this time I think it really hurt.
I really hope they don’t complicate things again. Michaela and Zeke are fine together, the story with Jared is over now. Enough!

Manifest 3x07: clip dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

I liked Angelina as a character, but there’s something wrong now. Is she trying to take over Olive’s life and identity? Is she trying to be like her? I don’t know, but she’s sending some un-reassuring psycho vibes!

I’m glad that Grace has decided to buy a place and complete her brother’s project in his honor: obviously, not themed flight 828 I hope!

They finally gave Saanvi some credit and recognition!
Talking about what they discovered… Are they telling us that it is all connected with the divine and, more specifically, with the Catholic religion?! Meh… Noah’s Ark, peacock, precious stones, miracles… We’ll see!

Manifest season 3 episode 9

Ben and Eagan
Manifest 3x09: promo e trama dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

As unreliable as Eagan is, I love this duo. I really hope that Eagan gets on their side and also manages to involve the rest of the passengers. I see some potential in him!
It should also be said that Ben is a bit too naive and good to have trusted him immediately. Together, however, they sparkle and have solved this Calling in the best way possible, obviously with the help of Michaela and Olive that was indispensable.

What have we learned in this episode?
First of all, we have confirmation that that piece of wood is truly a remnant of Noah’s Ark. This means that there really is the divine involved.
Then, there was also the return of that book – forgive me but I do not remember its name: I am human too! It seems that some passengers will be “thrown out” of the lifeboat. Or they will throw themselves to save the rest of the passengers. One of the many questions to add to our endless list of unsolved questions.

The Bermuda triangle aka the devil’s triangle
Manifest Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date and Time, Countdown

ENOUGH! Why, instead of continuing to waste our time with this cursed triangle between Michaela, Zeke and Jared, don’t they focus on something else? For example, on Saanvi, which has a lot of potential and since last season is snubbed and relegated to a corner! I am glad that Saanvi has finally told the truth. We will then see what the consequences will be, both for her and for Vance!

Michaela seems to have second thoughts, or feelings for Jared. Zeke is super insecure – and he’s also right, who knows what he heard! About this point I’d like to say: in the last episode, Zeke hears something when Mick tells about Jared’s new girlfriend. We still don’t know what it was! Jealousy? Repentance?
Also in this episode, Zeke feels several times the feelings of both Sarah and Jared: are they good feelings or not?

We hope to find out soon. Above all, I hope they don’t ruin the relationship between Zeke and Michaela!


Speaking of another couple, let’s focus on Olive. WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING?! Did she forget about TJ? I don’t think they broke up!
Not to mention Angelina. That girl really needs psychological help: she has come out of a trauma and is trying to build herself a new family, but that’s not how it works!
The whole thing was developed badly: two episodes ago she and Olive were best friends, now they hate each other! Too bad, because their friendship was beautiful!

Manifest season 3 episode 10

Chilling Adventures of Angelina

Let’s start with Angelina: what happened to her? She’s completely crazy!
I’m sure Cal’s right and she should be with the Stones. The point is, she needs psychological help. She has experienced many traumas, from the plane to her parents and then also Jace… She must be supported! Of course I don’t blame Grace, because anyone in her place would have behaved exactly like her. She had to protect her family, despite Cal’s complaints.

In all of this, I don’t understand why Cal didn’t tell anyone about the volcano Callings in the sphere. Ah, if only the characters would talk to each other, it would be easier and it would save a lot of time!
I’m also glad Grace didn’t blame Zeke. Surely the mutual love he felt between Angelina and Eden is real: but not necessarily the intentions then are always good!

Manifest 3x10 Streaming ITA - GuardaSerie

This time Ben really crossed the line! What he is doing is admirable: trying to save all the passengers and help them is admirable, but lately his methods are not good at all! The end does NOT justify the means, otherwise the consequences will spill over to him just as it is happening now.

I’d like him and Michaela to talk more, so they can solve the Callings together! With Ben’s knowledge and Michaela’s contacts and methods, combined with the brilliant insights of both, they would be an unbeatable couple!
Now that Ben’s in trouble, who’s going to help the other passengers? Is Michaela going to take her brother’s place? Or maybe Eagan?

Manifest 3x10 Season 3 Episode 10 Trailer - Compass Calibration - video  Dailymotion

Saanvi was crazy in this episode! The end, where she stole with her colleagues the piece of Ark, was epic and brilliant! One twist after another! I’m glad she followed her instincts, even if it will cost her dearly. However, she would have lost her job anyway since she’s going to turn herself in. She will, won’t she? I hope she talks to Mick as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings!

Now that the volcano has recovered the rest of Noah’s Ark, it seems to have subsided. What else will happen?

Manifest season 3 episode 11

Manifest 3x11: foto dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

After he attacked the Xer in the last episode, Ben is in prison. The judge however seems a bit biased (and not on Ben’s side) and sets bail at half a million dollars. Poor Grace is forced to give up the restaurant to free her husband, who is on probation. This, however, does not stop him from wanting to do everything alone, trying to solve a mysterious Callinng that involved many of the passengers.

Let’s hope he doesn’t violate his parole – although I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a suit again 😉


The Calling also involves Cal personally, who gets help from whom? From that psycho Angelina, who’s staying in Cal’s room without his parents knowing. Ah Cal, I get that you’re a child, but sometimes you’re really stupid!

In addition to the Calling, Cal does have burns on his body. A normal person would immediately advise to tell the parents, but we are still talking about Angelina, what can we do?
I’m sure Angelina will steal Eden, especially after Cal tells her where the spare key is!
I’m also curious to see what happens to him now that he’s at NSA headquarters.

Manifest 3x11 Streaming ITA - GuardaSerie

Then there’s Michaela, who gets caught up in a madness raptus decides to quit and give up her badge. Okay, her reasoning makes sense and she’s also right: the point is it was a sudden decision! Plus I wonder, if no one in that family works, how do they live? One of the many unanswered questions of Manifest!

Manifest season 3 episode 12/13 (this review was written on June 15, 2021)

Hello Manifesters! How are you? I’M NOT FINE. Have you heard the news? NBC has CANCELLED the series. Now, explain to me how I can stay calm knowing that there will be no more episodes after episodes 3X12 and 3X13 of Manifest. Above all, explain to me how I can make a review, since it is USELESS.
Okay, maybe not useless, since the authors are already mobilizing, along with a lot of fans of the series, to save Manifest. On Twitter, #SaveManifest has already been trending for several hours. The authors themselves were the first to say to “look for a new home”. (Review written on Tuesday 06/15)

Manifest has just landed on Netflix and is at number 1 in the ranking! Many hope for a rescue by Netflix in the style of Lucifer: me first!
But let’s talk about the finale: I do not know what will come out of this review, because even before knowing about the cancellation, it was difficult to find the words to write something. So many things have happened, so absurd and so speechless, that I don’t even know where to begin!

Ben and Grace
MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 1", Episode 3x12 -- Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)
MANIFEST — “MAYDAY PART: 1”, Episode 3×12 — Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)

Ben in this episode did less damage than usual, leaving out the fact that he violated house arrest. He did everything he could to help Cal, both before he went missing and after. He’s reconfirmed a character who always puts his family first and would do anything for them.

Among those he considers his family, we also find his friends. He did not think twice before diving into the stormy sea to save Saanvi.

Like him, Grace shares the same values and would do anything for her loved ones. Grace is a character I never liked, but I must say that last season I reevaluated much. I even had tears at the moment of her death, if she died. WILL WE EVER KNOW? The way things are now, no. And this thing is freaking me out.

MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2", Episode 3x13 -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)
MANIFEST — “MAYDAY PART: 2”, Episode 3×13 — Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Saanvi, throwing the fin of the plane into the sea, risking her life for the greater good, got her redemption. This means that the Callings are back and, with them, the chance to defeat the Death Date. My Death Date is today, after hearing the news of the cancellation.

MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2", Episode 3x13 -- Pictured: (l-r) Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Ty Doran as Older Cal -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)
MANIFEST — “MAYDAY PART: 2”, Episode 3×13 — Pictured: (l-r) Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Ty Doran as Older Cal — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

BUT WHAT HAPPENED?! First he’s full of burns and he’s on his deathbed, then he touches the plane and disappears (and he knew something bad would happen to him). Then he mysteriously reappears at random AND IS A BOY OF THE AGE OF OLIVE, THAT IS THE AGE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN. What happened? Where was him? What does he know?

Michaela and the love triangle, AGAIN
MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2" Episode 3x13 -- Pictured: (l-r) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vazquez, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Matt Long as Zeke Landon -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)
MANIFEST — “MAYDAY PART: 2” Episode 3×13 — Pictured: (l-r) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vazquez, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Matt Long as Zeke Landon — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Once again, they had to put Jared back in the game. Mick is married to Zeke: why couldn’t they just leave things as they were? Why did they have to have that conversation with Mick and Jared? As if that wasn’t enough, it ended with Zeke saying “we need to talk”. My heart is broken. Zeke is one of my favorite characters and he doesn’t deserve this.

Other random things
  • Crazy drawing of Cal, with the constellation, for Dr. Gupta. Amazing. One of the few times I liked her character!
  • Adrian and the others did only damage. It looked more like a cult. Adrian one of the worst, as always;
  • Angelina totally freaked out, she better have stayed in that basement, locked up.
  • The plane has disappeared, in front of Dr Gupta’s incredulous eyes, with the pilot on board! If you remember, the pilot had “left” with a researcher in one of the past seasons and we had never heard from him again. I was sure we’d see him again this season!

I would stop here. What do you think of the Manifest finale, with episodes 3×12 and 3×13? Personally, this for me was one of the best season finales I have ever seen. Truly spectacular!
Keep following us: we will keep you updated on any new developments. I hope this isn’t goodbye, just a “bye” a little longer than usual.

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