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Everything to know about Riverdale season 4!

Are you catching up now on tone of the trashiest shows on TV and want to share your thoughts? Here are all our impressions on Riverdale season 4!

riverdale season 4 review all episodes Everything to know about Riverdale season 4!

Riverdale season 4 episode 1

“Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale”

I wanted to start today’s review with this quote because no truer words were ever said. Fred Andrews, but especially Luke Perry, will always be part of the Riverdale family and the world will never forget him.

This episode truly honored Luke Perry’s memory: we saw some emotional flashbacks, we saw Shannen Doherty – who was Luke’s co-star in Beverly Hills 90210 – paying him honor with her cameo and I barely saw the screen because my eyes were filled with tears the entire episode.

Exclusive interview with Riverdale&...
Exclusive interview with Riverdale's Nikolai Witschl

This first episode was really touching and this review is not going to be very long – I think you can understand why.

There were many emotional moments throughout the episode, but the best one was when Archie and the others were coming back home and all the town was there paying their respects and love to Fred. During the whole episode, I kept thinking that every time a character was crying, the actor wasn’t acting at all – and this made me cry even harder.

Just a little something about the episode that isn’t Fred related. The scene with Betty in front of her father’s grave was really sad and I felt bad for her. I know what Hal did is terrible and unforgivable, but his grave shouldn’t be soiled. There were people who loved him before he did what he did – such as his family.

Last thing: what about Cheryl still talking to Jason’s body? It’s creepy, can somebody help her please?

Riverdale season 4 episode 2

Hello everyone! After this second episode, I think we can say Riverdale’s back!

I see the same old trash Riverdale, but for now it’s a bit better than the last season: I hope I haven’t talked too soon!

The plot seems to be, at least for now, about Alice and the Farm, with Betty and her step-brother/half-brother Charles investigating after that their mom haven’t sent her report in time. This whole FBI thing is kind of intriguing – at least, there’s no supernatural involved!

I still don’t trust Kevin but we can only wait and see what is he going to do with Betty’s information.

There’s a new enemy in town: the new principal, Mr. Honey. I think we’re going to laugh a lot because of Cheryl’s battle against him!

Talking about Cheryl, this thing with her brother’s corpse is becoming disturbing, make it stop!


What about Jughead? I’m going to miss him, but he deserves better. I love how him and Betty always support each other: that’s an healthy relationship!

However, I’m worried about his new school: there’s something strange about it and I’m sure he’s going to get into trouble and disappears to cover his traces. Even though the last scene of this episode is kind of worrying, I don’t think anything really happened to him: remember season 3 finale? In that scene with B, V and Archie they were talking about Jughead too and I think they know whatever it is he did and are trying to cover him. He’s a fan favorite, the writers are not that stupid!

I used to put a “most iconic moments” at the end of last season’s reviews; for this season, I’m going to change it in “Riverdale’s nonsense”. Let’s face it, Riverdale is trash and funny and there are so many things that are not okay, but it’s one of the reasons why we love it!


  • Does anyone remember we’re talking about TEENAGERS?!
  • Betty and Jug walking out of class like it was nothing, what the hell??
  • Veronica and her sexy performance before the press conference
  • Reggie solving his problems with his abusive dad just by smashing his car? Only on Riverdale…

Riverdale season 4 episode 3

Welcome back! Guys, this episode… Remember when last time I said this season was not that trash and hoped I didn’t talk too soon? Well, I did talk too soon – so the “Riverdale’s nonsense” is probably going to be longer than the actual review, lol.

Let’s start with Archie: while his project to make Riverdale a better and safer place for kids is respectable, I don’t think using dirty money is a good way to start. Thank God Munroe (Mad Dog) is more intelligent than him and thought about it!

Jug started his new school and found an old friend: Moose! Despite the rediscovered friend, things are not easy for our Jug: a new enemy is trying to get on his nerves, but Jug’s too cool and smart for that.

The Farm

Now, let’s talk about the Farm. WHAT. THE. HELL. WAS. THAT. ? !

Edgar’s plan was completely insane! Killing his followers? Using a rocket HE built? Oh gosh, too much. At least it’s all over now that Alice badass Cooper killed him.

When things seemed to be quiet… THERE IT IS: a mysterious videotape. What’s inside? A new mystery is coming.

Last thing: Toni finally found out about Jason! Also, I’m sure Cheryl has another sister/brother because of what Nana Rose said about the triplets.


  • Veronica and her ideas to make money: strip club night at La Bonne Nuit… Are you kidding me? As if the boys washing cars naked wasn’t enough…
  • Archie thinking they earned 4 THOUSAND $ HAHAHAHAH
  • Cheryl sewing Jason’s corpse after a rat crawled out of his body

Riverdale season 4 episode 4

Welcome back everyone! This episode? TRASH AND DRAMA!


I have to admit that the whole situation is kind of weird: Jug&Betty and Alice&FP are living together, J&B share a half-brother which is strange if you think they’re in a relationship.

Okay, now we can talk about other things. Let’t talk right away about Archie because his storyline is soooo boring the less I talk about it, the better.

This whole vigilante thing is boring and useless. That gang with guns? Oh please, just stop it! Nobody cares about him or his storyline to be honest…

Veronica: a badass. That’s all I have to say because she didn’t have much screen time on this episode.

Jug: I don’t know what’s wrong with that school and the people attending it, but it’s too creepy. Locking Jug in a grave? What’s wrong with you people? The professor is involved or at least knew it. What happened to poor Moose? Where is he? What happened to him?


Betty: MY QUEEN. The baddest. Her storyline is the most interesting one. I felt so sorry for her when she saw people wearing the Black Hood and Gargoyle King costumes – we’ll see this point in the “riverdale’s nonsense” too.
I trusted Charles, but after this episode I have my doubts… I want to trust him, but why was he intercepting Betty’s phone call?
Another thing: was the fake Black Hood really Polly? She’s sick but for real! She hoped the phone call was from Edgar! What the heck?! I want her out of the show, I can’t stand her! I just hope Charles is not another psycho, the Cooper family must have someone normal!

Cheryl: I don’t even have words. Her whole storyline is garbage and we’ll see it in the nonsense section because that’s where it belongs honestly.

Talking about the final scene with Betty and FP at the morgue, I don’t believe this. Fake. He’s not dead, they can’t do this. He’s a fan favorite, wake uuup! Pretty Little Liars teaches A LOT. Don’t worry about him.

  • Cheryl
  • Veronica, a 17-year-old teenager, doesn’t run away as fast as possible when she understands there’s a psycho in the room but instead kills him. What the hell??
  • Cheryl. C’mon guys it doesn’t make any sense! It’s just trash! I can’t believe Toni is allowing all of this! She deserves better. I used to like them but Cheryl needs psychological help, their relationship is so toxic!
  • People really had the audacity to dress up as the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King?! After everything that happened? Are you serious? Especially those two little kids, what’s wrong with their parents?
  • Not a nonsense moment, but an epic line by Betty: *Polly* “Edgar, is that you?” Betty: “NO B***H, it’s your sister” EPIC.

Riverdale season 4 episode 5

Hello everyone! I have to admit that this week’s episode was just great – except Archie’s storyline lol – but still, WOW!

The whole FBI thing, with Betty suspecting of being a serial killer and remembering a few things from her past – rip to her cat – is really interesting to watch. I like it a lot to be honest. I still have to figure out what Charles wants and if I trust him, but it seems like Betty has the same problem since she now wants to investigate on him to figure out what he’s still doing in Riverdale, where does he live and whether he’s gay or not – asking for a friend though!

Lost brother/sister card: used one more time! First Charles, then the third twin Julian – by the way, what about him? – and now Hermosa? What the heck? Veronica’s half sister is already in my black list. I don’t trust her: I’m not even sure she’s actually her sister. Maybe Hiram hired her to make Veronica jealous? Who knows…


JUGHEAD! His storyline is my favorite this season! I LOVED seeing him fanboying over his favorite books, it melted my heart aw. That old guy, Mr. DuPont… looks suspicious. I read a theory stating he could actually be Jug’s grandfather: that would explain his interest in FP. However, Jug saw his grandpa on that old photo and there was also DuPont, so it’s not possible. Another theory is that he’s actually the guy who stole Jug’s grandpa’s story!

Archie… It was better than in the other episodes, but I still find his storyline predictable and already seen! I mean, this is Red Circle 2.0! Enough!

About the final scene… Jug’s obviously not dead, but we already said that.

For the book competition, he has to write the first three chapters and then give indications about the rest of the book. The theme is “the perfect murder”. Anybody see a connection here? He planned his own murder. Or maybe he actually does something wrong and asks his friends to cover him and he does exactly what he wrote in the book. BRILLIANT!


  • Betty recognizes every serial killer from the slides, but lived with one her whole life
  • Archie trying to defeat the crime. You’re 17 okay? Chill.
  • I have a question: since Hiram, former mayor of Riverdale, is in jail… who’s actually running town? Who’s the mayor?
  • Hiram is FREE. How is that even possible?!

Riverdale season 4 episode 6

Welcome back! One word to describe episode 4×06? NONSENSE! I really think the writers were on some kind of drugs when they wrote the script because, honestly, what the heck is season 4 about? What’s the main plot? What is this all about?

Let’s start with order and with the most interesting – almost only interesting – storyline: Jughead’s.

As we all predicted, there was something wrong and suspicious about Mr. DuPont. Turns out we were right about him stealing Jug’s grandpa’s story: Jug and Betty found many proofs against him, but then DuPont denied every accusation. After Jug asked Mr. Chipping his help, he killed himself?? What the hell? And DuPont is the new professor? Okaay…


Archie: he’s putting everyone’s life in danger, not only his own but also his mother’s and those kids’. After telling everything to the police aka FP without any result, what does he decide to do? Wait for the police to find evidence on Dodger? Of course not! He just goes to Hiram asking for his – illegal – help. However, Hiram refuses. Too bad that the following day Archie and Reggie find Dodger in critical conditions, covered in blood. What a coincidence…

Veronica: poor girl. Hermione decided to reunite with Hiram – who knows why – and apparently V is not daddy’s favorite little girl anymore. Hermosa is. I think this is all a plan to make V jealous.

Betty. Why on earth did she go to see Chic?! Betty’s storyline became such a mess! So in short: Charles and Chic are a couple, they’re working together to…? What’s their plan? Let Chic out of jail and let everybody know the truth about what happened that night with Alice, Betty and FP? I swear to you guys this is all so confusing!

  • Cheryl and all this Jason story. Her uncle was right – even if he overreacted: she needs psychological help. Enough.
  • Mr. Chipping jumps out of the window and nobody seems shocked by it except for Jug. I think they’re all part of something shady.
  • Cheryl drowning the doll
  • FP, Alice and Charles acting like total strangers. I mean, he’s their son!
  • Why are Juniper and Dagwood with Cheryl and not with the Coopers, since they’re Polly’s children and the Coopers are a little bit more sane than a teenager obsessed with a corpse?
  • Season 4.

Riverdale season 4 episode 7

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Riverdale review! This week’s episode is set during Thanksgiving. Let’s analyze this episode, shall we?

Point one

Dodger’s mom was right about Archie: he has the hero complex, but he shouldn’t forget he’s only 17! However, I must admit that what he organized for all those kids was really cute and I liked the fact that Veronica, his mom and even FP encouraged him and helped him out. At the end of the episode, we see that Dodger’s not in the hospital anymore: what’s going to happen? Are they going to go after Archie? Why is this guy always in some kind of trouble? AND WHY HAVEN’T NOBODY THOUGHT ABOUT HIRAM YET?! I think he has something to do with it.

Point two

Cheryl and Toni… One is sick, the other one doesn’t help her at all! The whole cannibalism thing… What am I supposed to do with that? Why didn’t they just call the police when they killed Cheryl’s uncle? The police aka FP! They know each other, they were in the Serpents together, what the heck?!

Point three

Betty and Jughead are the cutest – and basically the only reason why I keep watching this show. Their scenes were the cutest, funniest and most interesting and relatable because let’s be honest: teenagers are not supposed to resolve murders or find the truth behind Chipping’s suicide. About that, I highly doubt what Donna said: it may have been true that they were having an affair, maybe even that he got violent, but I don’t trust her at all.

Point four

THANK YOU FOR FALICE. The only thing is that I wished FP would gave ripped Hiram’s throat, since he had the chance and he would have become Riverdale’s hero lol. Also, are the serpents going to be back soon? I hope so!

Point five

You are missed Luke.


  • Two teenagers (Choni) covering up a murder
  • Where was Jellybean?
  • Hiram is the new mayor, just like that. Where are the elections? How is that even possible? Who voted for him?! I doubt anybody would vote for him, c’mon!
  • Why is that creepy Julian doll still here?!

Riverdale season 4 episode 8

Welcome back! This week’s episode was really good!

I think the writers finally understood how bad they messed up with the characters throughout the seasons. That’s why they introduced the therapist, to show they know.

However, I actually really enjoyed the episode. I liked the fact we got to see a more introspective aspect of every character, especially now they have to focus and struggle with college applications.

Betty had some issues with Alice, who invaded her privacy after she found out she’s been rejected by college and blamed Betty’s sexual life for it. However, Alice already knew about Betty and Jug since season 2, so I really don’t understand her!

Veronica on the other hand has her usual daddy issues, but she already knew about them. She got admitted into Harvard, one of her dream, but she rejected after finding out Hiram was behind it. She’s now more determined than ever to burn bridges with him.

Archie has the hero complex. He’s angry – and has all the reasons to be angry – and worried about his mom. He decided to move out to protect her and to improve his center so that he could help more people. however, he obviously didn’t listen to what the therapist said him about not going out at night, but he’s Archie, what can we expect?

Jughead melted my heart when he hugged FP and understood how selfish he’s been. Obviously he has to keep investigating: I need answers!

  • The therapist acting like keeping a corpse in your house is normal and comparing this to an urn with ashes;
  • Alice loving more Betty than her other children;
  • Charles. Where is him?
  • The videotapes are back and nobody knows nor is doing nothing;

Riverdale season 4 episode 9

Hi everyone! I had hope for Riverdale, but after this episode… Oh my… Hopeless, there’s nothing we can do, really. Just so much trash!

Let’s start with Veronica: DIFFERENT DAY, SAME MISTAKE! I really can’t understand why she always tells her dad her plans. You know he’s going to blow things up, just keep your plan to yourself! Also, she’s not going anywhere: no development, only her fighting with Hiram! I hope things will change for her because I had enough.

Talking now about Archie, he’s just stuck the same way as his girlfriend. This complex is really boring, I hope that now that Dodger and his family are leaving town, he’ll get his head together and stop trying to do the hero of the moment.



I really didn’t understand Betty’s storyline in this episode, or at least not everything. Apart from the fact it’s all surreal, what about her mental journey to “kill” the moment when dark Betty was created? What was that? And when she’s in bed and then smashes the mirror? What? Why? Ugh

Jug’s storyline, the only interesting one. We discovered Jug was wrong about DuPont, but not everything was. In fact, DuPont bought the book from Jug’s grandpa, it was all legal. Too bad he’s now disappeared! I’m happy for Jughead, he deserves the best!

Cheryl finally left Jason’s body go, yay! She also imprisoned her mum in a bunker, but that’s Cheryl, right?

The ending… HAHAHAHAH, PLEASE. No way Betty killed him c’mon! So unreal! They want us to believe she was triggered by that BS of “tangerine” x3?! Pff…


  • Fangs coming back from nowhere;
  • Cheryl locking her mother in a bunker;
  • Veronica wanting to produce rum when she’s underage;
  • Fred has a brother. Riverdale’s writers, when bored, give a character a sibling no one knew about.
  • The whole Betty mesmerizing/hypnosis thing.

Riverdale season 4 episode 10

Welcome back everyone! Riverdale is back after the mid-season break – and so is trash.

I was re-reading old episode’s reviews and I noticed the episodes are SO disconnected! I mean, what about that videotape story? And Charles and Chic? What about Jellybean, the Serpents or Hermione? It doesn’t make any sense! But let’s focus on this episode.

Cheryl: we love her, but enough is enough. You’re 17, you’re a student, you don’t make the rules! Toni is her puppet: I hate how the writers treated her character: she doesn’t have a personality anymore since she’s with Cheryl and I hate that!

However, I’m totally in for this partnership: can’t wait to see them work together and take Hiram down once and for all!

Meanwhile the Bulldogs are in the finals against, obviously, Jug’s school. However, they play dirty and hurt Monroe. That’s when Archie’s uncle decides to “help” him with some pills, which Monroe is dumb enough to take, risking to cause permanent damage to his knee. At least he got what he wanted to: a scholarship.

The only good thing the writers did on the show is Bughead’s relationship. it is very mature and not toxic at all. There are communication, fun, affection… Only thing missing, at least in this episode, was honesty! I am very happy for Jug, but I feel like there’s something wrong in all this… We’ll find out soon, since the flashforward showed us that in just one month, Jug is going to be dead/missing – that’s what they want us to believe, I hope none of you actually do!

  • Cheryl acting like she owns the school. You’re just 17, chill.
  • Veronica selling rum
  • Veronica and Cheryl drinking pure rum shots like it was water at 17
  • Archie’s uncle, an adult, suggesting pills that are essentially drugs
  • After Monroe got attacked, the only one investigating was Betty. FP, you still here right?

Riverdale season 4 episode 11

Hello everyone! This episode was kind of frustrating for some aspects and really entertaining for others.

I loved seeing the girls together, especially when they won! However, I’m mad at Alice for what she did: it was wrong. I wonder how could Betty be so naive? She should have burned the evidence!

Cheryl and Veronica: I love them together and Cheryl’s idea was genius – apart from the fact she put her mother there too: I don’t trust her. I’m sure she’s going to ruin everything, but maybe Veronica will ruin them first since she’s always ready to tell her plans and secrets to her daddy. Hope it won’t happen this time, but i doubt it.

Charles is back! He seemed nice in this episode, but don’t forget he’s with Chic! He found out the truth about Brett cheating and also the reason Betty didn’t get into Yale: because of her father’s reputation. Once again, she has to pay for something out of her control. It’s so unfair! And she’s always fighting with Jug lately! I am worried about them, especially after that flash forward we saw at the end where she’s with Archie: please don’t ruin the only good thing in Riverdale, that is Bughead.

About Frank, Archie’s uncle… I don’t know. I haven’t figured him out yet. I don’t know if I trust him or not. We’ll see.


  • Veronica and Cheryl doing everything they’re doing while still being at school;
  • Hiram smashing everything at La Bonne Nuit… What a drama boy!
  • The whole Kevin thing…

Riverdale season 4 episode 12

Hi everyone and welcome back to a brand new insane Riverdale episode!

In this week’s episode, we saw an amazing couple working together: Betty and Alice! They are working together after Alice got Betty suspended from school, so now they’re focusing on an unsolved mistery: Mr. Chipping’s “suicide”. Not even his wife believes it was a suicide: I can’t wait to know the truth. I’m pretty sure Donna has something to do not only with this, but also with everything that’s going to happen, even to Jug. She’s a liar and is hiding something!

Katy Keene

While Betty is trying to solve a murder, Veronica visits an old friend: Katy Keene. That’s obviously a fake name: poor Aria Montgomery was so tired of being accused of being A just because she “ssh” in the first seasons of Pretty Little Liars’ opening theme that she decided to move to the Archieverse!
Jokes apart, Katy Keene is an old friend of Veronica and they spend some time together while V is in NY for a college interview!
Katy Keene is a new series and is part of the Archieverse along with Riverdale and Sabrina: don’t miss it!

Jug and this whole duel thing… NON SENSE. I’m glad he decided to quit, I think it was even better. In this way, Brett now knows he only won because Jug let him.

Archie… Once again, left alone and disappointed. I felt sorry for him during this episode, he did not deserve that at all. I’m glad he has FP at least. It warms my heart seeing FP is being a father figure for Archie when he doesn’t have one anymore just like Fred did with Jug when FP wasn’t there for him.

Toni: at least we saw a little bit more of her this time! I want more season 2 Toni, in this episode she slayed!


  • The whole fight Archie vs Ted at school. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! How is that even possible?! So unrealistic.
  • Veronica ending her feud with Hiram just because he’s sick…? He’s probably not even sick and just pretending… However, if an illness is what it takes to end this feud, then I’m glad he’s ill.
  • Alice being shocked every single time someone mentions Betty and Jug had sex. It’s mostly hilarious though, lol.

Riverdale season 4 episode 13

Hello! What an episode right?

Let’s start with Choni because their storyline is outside the big plot. I loved them in this episode, what a great team! Can we talk about THAT scene?! SO HOT!
Hermosa… really?
Veronica really is the one who knows his daddy better, even though I still don’t trust him…
About Varchie… Is their relationship based on sex? Unbelievable, really. They don’t do anything else, it’s always about sex! How many times did it happen only in this episode? Like 4? WTH!

The end

Now, let’s talk about more important things: the ending basically.
Of course, Jughead isn’t dead and Betty didn’t kill him. I think it was all a plan. I’m not sure who knows what, but somebody knows the plan.
You see Veronica and Archie’s expressions when Brett’s friends told them where Betty and Jug were? They seem worried, like they already know what happened. I think Jug told them something about the plan.
When they went into the woods to have sex, what if they didn’t? What if they were with Jug and he told them the plan?

Betty probably doesn’t know the plan: Donna hypnotized her to make her believe she did it, but that’s not the truth. Jug must have took something to make it seem like he’s dead, a drug or something. I don’t know, I can’t wait to discover more!

Riverdale season 4 episode 14

Hello everyone! Riverdale is finally back with a new episode – and what an episode!
I’ve got to admit it’s not written that well, but at least it was exciting! It took us 14 episodes to finally get where season 3 left us: it was about time!

I’m sure Jug is alive, like I’ve always said, so I think there are people who know the truth starting with Betty, Archie and Veronica. The fact Betty wanted FP to find the body makes me believe he’s aware of his son’s fake death too also because, when they were at the mortuary, they didn’t want anybody else to see inside. That could have been for privacy, but I think it’s because they didn’t want anyone to see that Jug is, in fact, alive.

Also, let’s talk about the fact that if Jug was really dead, everyone would be crying? They’re not in mourning at all! That’s what I was talking about when saying this episode wasn’t written well, it’s not credible you know? Betty is his girlfriend, Archie is his bestfriend since forever and he’s worrying about college? It’s so clear they know he’s alive!
Other people who probably know are Alice, Jellybean and now Archie’s mom too, probably because he didn’t want her mom to be in pain so he told her the truth. Also, she’s bisexual! Didn’t see that coming and I love it!

I can’t wait to see Betty tear down Donna and all the others, I can’t stand them! Betty was such a queen, absolutely love her!

  • Have the writers forgot about that Charles/Chic thing? I don’t know what to think about him, I don’t trust him!
  • What about those videotapes recording everyone’s house and left at their front doors? What was that?!
  • Jellybean not asking questions when Betty asked her about fake blood

Riverdale season 4 episode 15

Hi guys! What do you think of this Riverdale episode? I think it’s one of the best episodes of season 4!

Apparently, I was right! FP, Jellybean and Mrs. Andrews all knew that Jug was alive: Charles, Alice and Dr Curdle Jr are on that list too!
There were so many plot twists during the episode and I can’t wait to find out that secret about Donna. I’m pretty sure she’s related to someone unexpected, like Hal or Edgar from the Farm, lol. At least that would explain why she’s a psycho. I’m actually impressed that Donna figured out that Jug is alive so soon: however, Betty’s a genius and is going to make her go insane!
I’m really enjoying all these complots, they’re so exciting and interesting!

I can’t wait to see how Jug is going to come back: it’s going to be epic! I really missed him on the show, even though I knew he was alive, and I missed Bughead so much! Talking about that…

Barchie? IT’S A BIG NO FOR ME. I’m aware of the fact that in the comics they’re together, but I really can’t see how they would be better than Bughead! Jug and Betty are so similar and perfect for each other on so many levels, Archie… He’s just not right for her in my opinion. They had their chance on season 1 where I actually liked them, but now it doesn’t make any sense!

Riverdale season 4 episode 16

Hey everyone! Is it just me, or this Riverdale episode was one of the best episodes so far?! I loved it!

This episode was very particular because we finally wrapped the perfect murder thing. There were a lot of explanations and it may seem a little confusing, but it’s pretty simple.
Mr. DuPont killed his classmates because they knew about the fraud; that’s why Jughead’s grandpa decided to run away and never come back, because otherwise he would have been killed too! One of their classmates was Donna’s grandma and Mr DuPont stole from her too and then killed her, so Donna decided to get revenge.

DuPont’s plan

To become part of the Baxter brothers, you had to kill someone. That’s why Moose was “recruited”, because he would have been the next victim, but Mr Chip sent him away and saved his life. Jughead was admitted too because DuPont thought that in doing so, he could move close to his grandpa and kill him too, completing what he started so that no one could ever expose him and his fraud.

It turned out pretty much all the theories about who knew the truth were right: FP, Veronica, Archie, Ms Andrews, Dr Curdle Jr… They all knew!

It was such an interesting episode because we finally saw what really happened and what the reasons behind all this were.
Now I’m wondering if they’ll finally bring back the Charles/Chic thing, maybe also the videotapes thing.

Riverdale season 4 episode 17

Round of applause for Casey Cott aka Kevin, who’s been amazing in this episode and has an incredible voice!
The fact the whole school was on his side in this battle was really wonderful to see and I’m glad they were still able to do the variety show, even if it was at La Bonne Nuit.

Some songs were cute, others were just horrible – like the one during the fight.
Focusing now on more important matters (the only two things that happened during this episode): Barchie kiss and the return of the videotapes.
Charles is working on them, helped by Jug who’s supposed to do his homework in order to graduate with his friends, but whatever.
This is what causes Jug and Betty to fight, while Veronica and Archie started fighting after Veronica discovers that Archie knew that her dad was training at the gym (and skipping doctor’s appointments).

And then Barchie happened.

It doesn’t make any sense to me! If the writers wanted to experiment on them, they should have done it in season 1 or 2, when it would have been plausible!
They totally ruined both characters: not only they cheated on V and Jug, but they also betrayed their best friends! How could they?! At this point of their relationships, they would have never done something like that… I’m really disappointed and mad at the writers!

Riverdale season 4 episode 18

Watching all those flashback made me realise even more that I absolutely don’t like Betty and Archie as a couple, just as friends!
As Cheryl said, Betty only likes the idea of a romance with Archie!
I truly hope this nonsense is over for real and we can go back to “normal”.

“Normal” however doesn’t exist in Riverdale.
Veronica and Cheryl are threatened and after those guys break down into The Maple Club destroying everything, Cheryl decides to quit the activity.
I honestly loved Cheryl in this episode: she made Betty think and be reasonable, she stood up for herself and she even defended her mother. She also showed vulnerability at the end of the episode, when watching that videotape.

I don’t even want to start talking about those tickling videos because I don’t know if the whole story is more ridicoulous or cringe.
I didn’t expect Mr. Honey to be behind all of this, can’t wait to find out more!
Also, Ethel is still here? Wth? At least this time she was useful. Still creepy, but helpful.

Riverdale season 4 episode 19

Hey everybody! Here we are, the season finale! I know this wasn’t supposed to be the last episode of Riverdale season 4 – and it shows because I think everyone can see there was more to tell. However, I liked the episode very much!
I don’t know when are we actually going to be able to watch next season, we’ll probably have to wait a long time due to this horrible pandemic and I can’t wait to see more!

I have to admit doing all this mess just because Principal Honey cancelled Prom was a bit too much. I mean, the “we have to kill him or scare him to death” part was too much.
They made a good choice by involving parents, even though their methods weren’t very friendly or moral to be honest…

But hey, at least they gave us that iconic scene with all the parents! In that moment, I really felt Fred’s absence… He should have been there with them. Still so saddened by Luke Perry’s death.


I also liked the scenes of Jug’s hypothetical story of them killing Mr. Honey.
This brings me to the end of the episode. All of the times Betty was reading Jug’s story and they had something else to do, Betty just left the papers there so literally anyone could steal them! That’s probably what happened. Otherwhise, there would be no explanation on how the Voyeur could know the story Jug was writing – also because he didn’t change the real names yet.

I still have no idea who the Voyeur is: I was sure it was Mr. Honey, but who knows? What if it’s Charles? I still don’t trust him 100% after seeing him with Chic back at the beginning of the season.
I think we’re going to see more of their story next season.

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