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Everything to know about The Bold Type season 4!

Are you catching up on one of the boldest shows on TV? Here’s a guide on The Bold Type Season 4 with synopsis and more!

Everything to know about The Bold Type season 4!


Where can you watch season 4?

Depending on where you’re from, you can watch the show on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu or Freeform.

The Bold Type episode 1 season 4

At the beginning of the episode, we see Jane, Sutton and Kat climbing over a fence and potentially getting in trouble by the police. Earlier that morning, the scene opens with the office furniture and all of Jacqueline’s possessions being cleared out. Patrick declares that he is the new Editor in Chief of Scarlet. Kat learns from RJ that the latest issue, the Fall issue, will not be released to the public because it was never approved and readers (particularly those in the middle of America) will not read it. The girls decide that Jacqueline should at least view the printed issue, so they decide to break into the publishing house to obtain some copies before they’re destroyed. They manage to obtain some copies and deliver them to some of the contributors – such as the photographers, make up artists etc. Jacqueline’s letter from the editor and pages from the issue are released. The board is not happy and are wanting to track down whoever sourced the pages and the girls face the prospect of getting fired. Kat requests that RJ re-hires Jacquline as a result of the public response. RJ agrees to have Jacqueline back; however, the magazine will now be digital only.

The Bold Type episode 2 season 4

Kat is faced with a past regret when she crosses paths with a closeted singer who had asked for help in coming out. Jane has her first mammogram and spirals into anxiety waiting for the results – and how Ryan fits into it. Sutton and Richard’s long-distance relationship hits a snag. And the trio discovers a secret about one of their coworkers.

The Bold Type episode 3 season 4

Kat goes out of her way to help a transgender runner get into the New York City Marathon, while Jane and Ryan try a different kind of marathon to rebuild their relationship. Sutton starts to feel she’s going backward in her career and looks for a way to improve her value to Scarlet. Jacqueline’s new situation at work leads to tension with her husband.

The Bold Type episode 4 season 4

Jane volunteers to write a story about a sex club in hopes of proving she is ready for the next step in her career. Kat’s latest crusade to save a female-oriented sex toy company could lead her to begin dating again, while Sutton has doubts about how to kick off her plan to get promoted. Meanwhile, Alex struggles with his new platform at Scarlet.

The Bold Type episode 5 season 4

Jane’s in-depth look at millennial weddings comes to a screeching halt when she uncovers a secret about Jacqueline. Overwhelmed by her current assignment and against uniforms of all kinds, Sutton decides to focus her energy on helping Carly take on her school uniform policy, without running it by Oliver. Meanwhile, Kat thinks she can handle uncomplicated dating, only to find it’s more complicated than she thought.

The Bold Type episode 6 season 4

Fresh off a wild night with a new fling, Kat considers flipping the script on preconceived gender roles in the bedroom. Jane’s tapped to speak at a wellness seminar, but the appearance of a sudden feminine health problem has her feeling like a fraud. Sutton tries to earn the respect of Richard’s mother while finding sponsors for her Instagram, and Alex challenges his notions about masculinity while dating a high-powered woman.

The Bold Type episode 7 season 4

Kat and Adena need to work together on a Scarlet project, which becomes tense when Adena learns about Kat’s recent romantic relationships. Sutton earns her first solo styling gig, hoping it leads to being a fashion influencer. Jane makes a decision about her health concerning her BRCA-1 status.

The Bold Type episode 8 season 4

Jane is overjoyed when her brother Evan comes to town, and she introduces him to Ryan. Adena turns to Kat for help in dealing with RJ, which causes more trouble between Kat and the board. Richard returns from San Francisco, allowing him and Sutton to dive into wedding plans.

The Bold Type episode 9 season 4

Jane decides to throw Sutton an epic bachelorette party, but the bride can’t quite bring herself to enjoy the festivities. Kat learns surprising info about RJ, which leads her to question the company’s morals. Jane gets career news while facing some devastating personal issues.

The Bold Type episode 10 season 4

Sutton and Richard’s wedding day is here, and Sutton is faced with a big decision. Jane tries to celebrate her friends while struggling to process recent discoveries. Kat’s continuing crusade against the board has unexpected and life-altering consequences.

The Bold Type episode 11 season 4

Three months after surgery, Jane returns to Scarlet with new editorial duties. Kat faces a hard truth when she’s forced to take some responsibility. Sutton goes to bat on her first shoot and gets some shocking news that upends her world.

The Bold Type episode 12 season 4

A blizzard halts NYC and Kat is trapped at her new job with her nemesis. Sutton struggles to balance her career and relationship. Jane tries to emulate Jacqueline’s leadership with her new staff. Oliver comes face to face with his ex.

The Bold Type episode 13 season 4

Sutton grapples with her complex reaction towards the massive changes in her life. At Kat’s urging, Jane starts dating again. Kat plans her next move as she faces financial insecurity, and turns to Alex for help.

The Bold Type episode 14 season 4

Jane isn’t comfortable in her post-surgery body, but a visit from her dad may change her outlook. Sutton and Richard make plans for the future. Kat tries to move forward at work with a podcast, but her first episode comes with a price.

The Bold Type episode 15 season 4

In five short love stories, Kat, Jane, Sutton, Jacqueline, and Alex confront challenges in their various relationships, bringing newfound understanding of their partners or creating irreparable rifts between them.

The Bold Type episode 4×16

Sutton visits her hometown, but falls into a familiar pattern while there. Jane finds a big story, but it could have serious ramifications for Jacqueline. Kat is reluctant to share her new romance with Jane and Sutton.

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