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Everything We Know So Far on The Walking Dead Season 11C!

The final episode of The Walking Dead Season 11B wrapped this week. So the new question is, when will part 3 of the series be released, the so-called Season 11C? Well, we have the answer now: OCTOBER 2. Fans are looking forward to and dreading the final eight episodes as it will be exciting to see how things resolve, but it will also mean the show’s end.

Logline from Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1 “Lockdown”

Daryl and Negan rush to the Commonwealth in order to stop Hornsby.


Episode 2 “A New Deal”

The survivors make a deal with Pamela; the Commonwealth celebrates Founders Day.

When will The Walking Dead Season 11C be released?

The filming for the final episode of The Walking Dead wrapped on March 30, 2022.

Recently, AMC announced an epic live finale fan event that will take place in Los Angeles in November. If that is the case, then it is safe to say that with eight episodes remaining, season 11C will premiere at the very end of September or the beginning of October to allow for the final episode ever of The Walking Dead to air in November to coincide with this live fan event.

According to the first official trailer released at the San Diego Comic-Con, The Walking Dead Season 11C will premiere October 2 on AMC and AMC+.

Watch the first sneak peeks! HERE and HERE!

Watch the exclusive trailer!

Angela Kang teases every character’s finale

Talking about Daryl, Kang said: “We’ve lost so many of our leaders along the way, and Daryl is part of that original group of people,” the boss notes. “The weight that’s on him is so heavy, and he just kind of steps up, because he had a life where people didn’t step up for him. He’s broken that pattern.” And there may be something still going on between him and Connie… “There’s definitely a vibe there,” Kang acknowledges. Where it takes Daryl and Connie, “people will just have to watch and see.”

As for Carol, “So many circumstances changed over the course of this. For one thing, the transition to spinoff was supposed to happen long ago. So obviously, the plan that we originally had for how the series ended with her changed as well.” That said, “her story is not done,” she hastens to add. “We’re just going to repeat that as a refrain: Her story is not over. There were just challenges.”

News from the San Diego Comic-Con panel

  • The Walking Dead Season 11C will premiere on October 2, 2022 and the first two episodes will be released on the same night on AMC+
  • Greg Nicotero directed the final episode!
  • Norman said that he cried when he realized that the series is coming to an end
  • Melissa said that she is grateful for the fans and to be part of the family
  • The variant walkers will appear in the final episodes of The Walking Dead
  • Gimple dodged 2 Q’s about Rick Grimes and said that “We’ll get to that later”
  • Greg Nicotero says he believes Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were the first to finish their taping of the series.
  • “The Daryl and Carol story is not over”
  • Ross said that the Negan lineup is a scene that he will miss the most
  • Josh McDermitt and Michael James Shaw said their favorite #TWD scenes haven’t aired yet
  • A fan just asked if anyone had theories on how #TWD apocalypse started and Gimple said there’s not supposed to be one. But also mentioned there’s no cure. Not sure if that was purposeful to say

‘The Walking Dead’ Stars Promise ‘Savage’ & ‘Uplifting’ Final Episodes

The stars couldn’t share much, but they did each give one word to describe the final episodes. Among them: “savage” (Shaw), “uplifting” (Reedus), and “stressful” (Ridloff).

Promotional pictures

The Walking Dead‘s new smart zombies go all the way back to season 1

After the screen cut to black, we heard Ross Marquand’s Aaron ominously say, “I’ve heard stories of walkers that can climb walls and open doors. I was never sure if they were just stories.” Judging by the footage of a doorknob turning and a walker appearing to climb a fence, it would appear they are not just stories. But what does this mean for the show as it gets ready to launch into its final eight episodes ever, starting Oct. 2 on AMC?

“There’s a reason why he’s saying those particular words,” notes showrunner Angela Kang, who spoke to EW for our Walking Dead Fall TV Preview cover story. “And it will cause some massive problems for our people.”

What’s most interesting about these new zombies, however, is not necessarily the problems they will cause, but rather that they are not new at all. “We’ve seen that on the show before,” hints Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple of the behavior described by Aaron. “It has escaped discussion on the show. You can see in the trailer, there’s some different behavior, but this isn’t any sort of reinvention. It’s addressing something that is inside the show already. The calls are coming from inside the house.”

But the twist is, those calls were placed about 12 years ago.

“There was a lot of talk during production about going back in time and watching episodes from season 1,” explains executive producer and director Greg Nicotero. “And in season 1, episode 2, when they’re in the department store with T-Dog and Andrea, there are walkers up against the wall, and one of them is kind of smashing the window with a rock. That came right out of Night of The Living Dead. That was right out of Barbara in the car with the first-ever zombie, Bill Hinzman, using a rock.”

But wait? We haven’t seen zombies picking up objects and using them since then. So what gives?

“The truth is we hadn’t really figured out yet what the rules for the zombies were,” says Nicotero before sighting another example of zombie behavior gone bye-bye. “They were also a bit faster in the first episode when they chased Rick down the street on his horse.”

However, speed and rock-smashing were not the only weird retro-abilities producers noticed. “There’s another scene where Glenn and Rick are being chased down the alley and they start climbing up a fire escape,” recalls Nicotero. “And there are walkers climbing up behind them. We were still figuring it out. But we decided that it was an opportunity.”

So how to explain these super-zombie powers appearing when the show first began, disappearing for more than a decade, and then reappearing during the end run?

“We sort of played into that as if there might be certain walkers in certain regions that might have different abilities that we really haven’t seen before.” Nicotero explains. “We’re kind of playing into the idea that some of these are out there and they’re just encountering them now.”

While these new smart walkers are derived directly from what we saw all the way back in season 1, they do not seem to be connected to the end-credits scene from the Walking Dead: World Beyond finale, in which a scientist in an abandoned French lab was shot after watching video journals from Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich) about tests being done on variant walkers to jump start the circulatory system. “These are very distinct environments and very distinct landscapes,” says Gimple.

The chief content officer does note that we will see that French lab scene play out on another upcoming Walking Dead show.

“That was out in Europe,” Gimple says. “But we know someone who’s going to be out there, so he might have his hands full.” Paging Daryl Dixon!

The Walking Dead still working on possible series finale post-credits scene

“We’re literally just working right now on a couple of things So there are a couple of ways it could go.”

explains Scott M. Gimple.

“Will there be a tag scene?” muses Gimple. “I just got to say, maybe. We’re up to some things, so maybe.”

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