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EXCLUSIVE: Davida Williams Tease Taylor’s Journey On Hallmark’s Game, Set, Love! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

If you’re looking for a heartfelt, exciting and sweet” movie to keep you company on a summer Saturday night, Hallmark Channel’s got your back with Game, Set, Love, starring Davida Williams, Richard Harmon and more stars premiering August 27!

We at Survived The Shows have got the chance to chat with Davida Williams in an exclusive video interview and tease what we can expect from the movie and Taylor, the tennis player she’s playing!

What’s the main element of this movie and Taylor’s character that made you say yes to this movie?

DAVIDA WILLIAMS: There was a couple of reasons. I think, working with someone like Venus Williams was definitely on my bucket list. I mean, I’m huge fan of hers. We also had a female director who’s very reputable. I was excited about working with Jessica and Joel Harmon as well. And I think that Taylor and I did have a lot in common and I knew she would be fun to play. Also, I got to play tennis. I’ve never gotten to play a sport in a movie before, so that was like, absolutely for me.

Davida Williams, Roger Cross and Jennifer Khoe on Game, Set, Love, premiering Aug 27 on Hallmark – Credit: Hallmark

To all the fans there are looking forward to watching Game, Set, Love, how would you describe this movie if you had only 3 words?

DW: Heartfelt, Exciting and sweet.

What can you tease about Taylor’s journey throughout the whole movie and how was it like for you to portray it?

DW: Her journey, it was so fun. It was so interesting. You know, she grows a lot. There’s a lot of growth throughout the movie, and it was really fun to be with her and her ups and her downs and to see where she ends up. The one thing is – we don’t usually shoot in order, so sometimes I’d have to be like ‘Is this before… or is this after?’ But yeah, no it was really nice to take that ride with this character.

Richard Harmon and Davida Williams on Game, Set, Love, premiering Aug 27 on Hallmark – Credit: Hallmark

If you had to name the biggest challenge you experienced in portraying Taylor, what would that be?

DW: Tennis. [Laughs] I wasn’t necessarily the best tennis player and so I was in a lot of practice before and on the weekends. And then a lot of the tennis scenes, a few of them, the ones that are indoors, were filmed at night, so I was playing tennis at like 3-4 in the morning and at a certain point I was like ‘I’m very confused right now and I’m very out of it. It’s so late’. So that’s it, I think the tennis was the most challenging part.

We can easily assume that Taylor would have will entertain a very interesting relationship with her partner who’s played by Richard Harmon. How was it like for you to work with him and to build this relationship on screen?

DW: It was so easy. He’s so easy to work with. I got really lucky, you know, you don’t always work with the easiest people. And he was so easy going and he was a really good partner, really respectful, really professional. So I was most nervous about, you know, what it would be working with a costar that closely for that amount of time. This is my first lead role, and he totally put my mind at ease. He’s a total professional.

Richard Harmon and Davida Williams on Game, Set, Love

If you could choose any other character on the movie, apart from Taylor, that you would have loved to play, which one would it be and why?

DW: Ah. Maybe Richard Harmon’s character. He plays this very, very famous tennis bad boy. And so at the beginning of the movie, you see his growth as well. So he kind of humbles himself a bit towards the end, and we get really close. But it’s a really fun character at the beginning because he’s kind of just like this clueless celebrity. So that would be fun to play.

The interview has been edited for clarity and lenght. Check the video above to see our full interview with Davida Williams!

Game, Set, Love premieres August 27 on Hallmark Channel. Tune in!

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