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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lucia Walters Breaks Down ‘Soulful, Romantic and Heart-warming’ All Saints Christmas!

Lucia Walters (Virgin River, The 100) is one of the stars on “All Saints Christmas,” a new, original movie premiering Sunday, November 6 on Hallmark Channel. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Lucia Walters about her experience on Hallmark’s All Stars Christmas and what fans can expect from the movie. Check out full interview below!

Lucia Walters on ‘All Saints Christmas’ – Credit: Hallmark/Crown Media

What’s the main element in Gia’s character and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to join All Saints Christmas?

LUCIA WALTERS: I was drawn to the All Saints Christmas script because of the story of the main character Lisette, this successful music artist facing the oh-so-real issue of a female, aging artist, being replaced by the new, much younger flavour, despite the fact that Lisette was an artist at the top of her game and an expert in her field.  The story reveals how this gifted artist navigates her career into something meaningful without worrying about the competition or answering to anyone other than herself.

In addition, I loved the storyline about Lisette’s musical and historical New Orleans family, working through issues like family does.  The comedy and nuanced relationships between Lisette and the characters in her life were heart-warming. I felt that this story would really touch and entertain the viewers, and get them into the Christmas spirit!

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The other element that drew me to this show was that it was to be directed by Troy Scott, whom I’ve known for over a decade and is brilliant to work with as he brings out the best in his cast and crew.

The fact that it was a predominantly black production was another treat for me as this is a rare occurrence. I knew that all the Vancouver cast would be long-time colleagues and we all have each other’s backs.  We have a wonderfully supportive community here in Vancouver.

The main element of Gia’s character that fascinated me was that she was multilayered. Although she was a highly successful woman in her field, she was harbouring some unresolved issues and insecurities from her past, making her a thorn in the protagonist’s side.  Her behaviour went against who she appeared to be. I was aware that it would be a fun challenge to play her in a way that did this character justice.

Where are you and Gia most similar and where most different as human beings?

I’d say Gia’s similarity to me is that we are women with tenacity who have worked hard to reach our goals, in spite of obstacles. We also both grew up in the church and believe in community and giving back. Where we differ is that Gia seems to deal with her issues by consistently antagonizing her nemesis until there is a confrontation. That is rarely a coping mechanism for me lol.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in portraying Gia?

On the surface, Gia presents as an envious nemesis to Lisette, but in reality she’s a woman of many layers, trying her hardest to be valued/recognized by Lisette which  seems to fuel Gia’s antagonizing behaviour.

The challenge of playing her was that she could be misconceived as a jealous, conniving character, but the truth under her behaviour was that she was, in a roundabout way, looking out for her fellow New Orleans girl yet struggling with the belief that Lisette did not respect her or value their history and commonalities.  It was a fine line to walk in order to play the comedy/purpose of Gia’s antics, yet keep her in a place where viewers have compassion for her by the end of the show.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lucia Walters Breaks Down ‘Soulful, Romantic and Heart-warming’ All Saints Christmas!

To all the fans looking forward to watching the movie, how would you describe All Saints Christmas in just 3 words?

Soulful.  Romantic. Heart-warming.

What can you tease about Gia’s journey throughout the movie?

Gia is on a journey that involves confrontation, acknowledgement, forgiveness and acceptance, and I think she gets there-;)

Talking about the environment on set, how would you describe your experience while filming All Saints Christmas and do you have any fun anecdotes to share?

Just picture a hardworking cast and crew, eager to tell a meaningful story that will entertain and touch the viewers. Coming to work, with so many familiar faces I’ve known for years, it was truly a memorable experience. Knowing that it was going to be among the first Christmas movies for the Hallmark 2022 line-up, we were all so excited to see how it was going to impact viewers.

I have to say, when we did the scenes where Ledisi sang, there’s a reason she’s a Grammy winner.  You know, there are people in this world who reach deep inside you with their gift, that’s what she does when she sings. I really don’t know if words can do it justice, you have to be there, next to her, the way she connects, in addition to being amazingly gifted singer, she makes you feel special when she performs, she is giving you something.

If you could choose any other character from  All Saints Christmas, apart from Gia, that you would have loved to play, which one would it be and why?

Gia was the role for me, the only other role I’d have loved to play was one that got me to New Orleans, but there wasn’t one lol!!

Did you take anything from set, any prop or piece of costume, to remember your experience as Gia?

Yass! Our wonderful costumes duo who are husband and wife, gave me the belt Gia wore throughout the show. I love it!!

All Saints Christmas premiered November 6 on Hallmark Channel. Watch an exclusive preview below!

Tune in starting October 21 for all new holiday movies premiering Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel!

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