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EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Ponzio Talks About Her Experience As Donna in Chicago Fire and teases what’s next! – WATCH INTERVIEW

Although we havent’s seen Donna in the last couple of seasons, Melissa Ponzio would love to come back to Chicago Fire – and she says it’s possible!

We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Melissa Ponzio about her experience as Donna on Chicago Fire and teases what’s next. Check out full interview in the video below!

How was it like for you to be part of the show?

I mean, we’re still alive and well on the show, even though I haven’t been there in a couple of seasons. But in the beginning, much like other actors, you don’t know how long you’re going to be there. You don’t know how successful your character is going to be with the other people that they team you with. You don’t know what the network might think. The head writers, you hope that they like you, but you just don’t know.

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So in the beginning, my character, Donna, was supposed to only be there for five episodes. And she was supposed to be a bit of a a gold digger, right? She was supposed to come in and kind of disrupt the chief’s life a little bit and then move on. But after the second or third episode, the higher ups, the people that make the big decisions were like, well, maybe the chief needs love.

They are a true family, just much like Teen Wolf is a true family. And so that was a wild ride. You know, that first season, us coming together and getting married at the Firehouse, going into labor at the Firehouse… That was a storyline that they wanted to show that was very important. So it’s been an honor. It’s been an honor to have a full life on that show from start to finish.

EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Ponzio Talks About Her Experience As Donna in Chicago Fire and teases what's next! – WATCH INTERVIEW

What’s been the main challenge in your opinion in playing Donna considering the show is about firefighters?

So when you’re talking about the thought of the character, it’s really hard to have somebody that has to go and be a hero every day because you don’t know if they’re coming back. When these firefighters go into a building, you hope that everybody comes out safe, you know, that’s what you’re really hoping for. And so to have to think about that as an actor, it brings another layer I think to everybody’s performance.

But as a real person. It’s so cold in Chicago. It’s so cold, you know. Chicago is almost another character on that show with the exteriors and you have to really brace for the environment of it all because it can take a toll on you.

How was it like to work with Eamonn Walker (Chief Boden) and to build this relationship between Donna and Chief Boden on Chicago Fire?

Well, I feel like, you know, he’s a veteran of television and stage and he understands how important it is as somebody that has been established on the show if they bring in a counterpart or a friend. For a while there his dad was on the show, you know, he goes out of his way to make everyone so comfortable and welcome, not only for me that works with them directly, but even other characters, you know, other cast mates. He works really hard to make everyone else feel at ease. And so then you feel at ease, and then you can also do that for the next person and the next person and the next person.

EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Ponzio Talks About Her Experience As Donna in Chicago Fire and teases what's next! – WATCH INTERVIEW

I’m not up there often. And so we have to come together and we have to remember where we were in our story. We have to talk about it. We have to talk about maybe what has happened, as in real time and also in character, you know, story time for television. And so we’re able to really have a conversation to bring experience in real life through our characters to the show.

As you were saying before, you have not been on Chicago Fire for some seasons. Can you tease something about Donna’s future on the show? Is there any chance we might see her back sometime soon?

I hope so. And I believe so. There have been attempts to coordinate, to get me up there. But the scheduling hasn’t worked out. I know that our family, the Boden’s, have a very special place in the heart of the writers and the creators of the show. And I think they’re just waiting for the opportunity to bring us together again.

Also, Chicago Fire, you know the great thing about a Firehouse is you have all these new people coming in and out. Someone might be coming in on the ambulance or wherever. And so it’s honorable to spend time with new characters so that you can kind of come back around to the older characters. So it makes sense that if the chief isn’t there every day, then, you know, the family can’t be there every day until until you know you you. You come around in the line and so I’m hoping that, you know, he comes around in the line again.

If you had to choose a character among all the characters on Chicago Fire apart from Donna that you would have loved to play if you could, which one would it be and why?

I mean, I would go for something fun, you know, I would go for probably Tuesday, who’s the Dalmatian dog. We love Tuesday. Unfortunately, Tuesday recently passed away and yeah, I say that in honor of Tuesday. And also to know that, you know, there are some really special moments on shows like that when we have like dogs or unexpected relationships. And Tuesday was a real beloved character on that show and we were also broken hearted.

You know, I don’t know. It would be fun to be the police chief. It would be fun to be the Fire Chief. I tell you what. There’s, you know, talk about somebody that has a lot of pressure. Talk about somebody that has to use their communication skills and detachment in a way.

We thank again Melissa Ponzio for her time and hope we can see her soon as Donna on Chicago Fire!

The interview with Melissa Ponzio has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

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