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EXCLUSIVE: Tim Rozon Teases A ‘Kind, Hearted and Fun’ Christmas Coming On Lifetime’s Merry Swissmas! – WATCH INTERVIEW

Jodie Sweetin and Tim Rozon star in “Merry Swissmas,” premiering Saturday, November 5 on Lifetime only in the USA. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with one of the leads, Tim Rozon, about his experience in the making of Merry Swissmas and what fans can expect from the movie. 

What’s the main element in Liam’s character and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to join Merry Swissmas?

TIM ROZON: I guess the main thing that drew me to this script was that I’m just a sucker for a good love story. And the thing that I liked about this one is that it’s kind of like Liam’s character and Jodie Sweetin’s character, they weren’t really looking for love at all at that time in their lives, and it just kind of happened. So I love those stories. When you’re not looking for love, that’s normally when you seem to bump right into it.

As we know quite well so far, Lifetime movies and shows always feature well-shaped and relatable characters – Where are you and Liam most similar and where most different as human beings?

ROZON: Yeah, Lifetime really does give well developed characters. There was lots to Liam. There really was. He’s a father, a businessman, a widower. It’s tough. There’s a lot going on there. So what we had in common was that I’m a new father myself, so it was really special to play a father. You know, I’ve played fathers before, but that was before I was a father myself, so there’s just something different to it now. So I really, really enjoy that.

Then any chance I get to be a dad on TV really makes me happy. I was really happy to get to do that. What we don’t have in common, well, I’m not very Swiss, I’m more Irish. So we had some fun Swiss words. I can’t remember what they were, you know, I just pretty much said donkey and beat that a lot, but there was some pretty Swiss words, pretty complicated Swiss words that we definitely had some trouble saying from time to time.

Jodie Sweetin and Tim Rozon on Merry Swissmas, premiering Nov 5 on Lifetime TV – Credit: Lifetime

To all the fans looking forward to watching the movie, how would you describe Merry Swissmas in just 3 words?

ROZON: Kind, hearted, fun.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in portraying Liam?

ROZON: I guess I wouldn’t say there was a challenge. It’s just, it’s tough. Like I said, being a new father and having a tight unit as a family that I do at home, just, you know the fact that he’s a widower and to even think about that for a minute and what that would be like for Liam, for Liam’s kid. You know that’s tough to think about that we have and, you know, we did talk about that stuff. The characters did talk about that. So that was difficult to try and think about that and and explore that. I can’t imagine the devastation and pain that would cause people. So that, yeah, that was the hardest part.

If you could choose any other character from Merry Swissmas, apart from Liam, that you would have loved to play, which one would it be and why?

ROZON: I think I’ll take Alex’s character just as the switch, because Liam was where Liam was. The main difference was that he was grounded because he was home. So his character, they’re at home and they’re in their spot and they’re taking someone in and trying to bring them into their world. But it’d be fun to be like just the other person focused on business, not looking for anything. And then all of a sudden you end up in this whole world with romance and wow, what’s this? What’s this place? What’s his family? And it would be nice to do this. Which of the two characters?

The interview with Tim Rozon has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

Merry Swissmas premieres Nov 5 on Lifetime Network.

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