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Homethe walking deadFear The Walking Dead 7: Preview on episode 11! - WATCH

Fear The Walking Dead 7: Preview on episode 11! – WATCH

On May 1, episode 11 of Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 will air on AMC. This episode is titled “Ofelia“. This episode is already available on the AMC app.

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo"
Alexa Nisenson as Charlie- FDWD Season 7, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo”

Fear the Walking Dead 7 episode 11: Synopsis

AMC has officially released a first plot that anticipates what will happen! Let’s see what awaits us in the Walking dead spinoff.

Luciana and Wes test the limits of their patience when Daniel’s worsening mental state ends up endangering them all.

Official synopsis

Promotional Pictures for episode 7×11 of FTWD

AMC released the promotional pictures that anticipate what will happen yet! Let’s go see what’s next on Fear The Walking Dead!

Promo and Sneak Peeks for Fear The Walking Dead 7×11

AMC has released a promo for episode 11 of FTWD season 7.

What do you think of these first previews of Fear The Walking Dead 7? We at Survived The Shows can’t wait to see it!

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