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Firefly Lane, the novel by Kristin Hannah.

The new Netflix series, Firefly Lane, starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, is based on the omonimous novel by Kristin Hannah. We gave our exclusive first look, a few weeks ago, to the upcoming Netflix series, while today, thanks to Mondadori we’re telling you our thoughts on the novel.

Sarah Chalke, Katherine Heigl and Jon-Michael Ecker as Kate, Tully and Max.

Here’s the main differences between TV series and book.

  • In the book, Marah is not an only child. In fact, Johnny and Kate have three children. It is not clear why this choice was made or whether we’ll see them in a potential season 2.
  • In the original story by Kristin Hannah, the couple is not getting divorced and, even though they have ups and downs, they’re trying to make things work. Right for this reason, Kate’s love interest, Travis, is a just character that exists in the reality of the TV show.
  • The heartbreaking love story between Tully and Max isn’t even mentioned in the book. Max doesn’t exist in the original story and Tully has never got pregnant and then had a miscarriage. Her relationship with motherhood is quite hostile considering the model that she’s got as a child.
  • In the Netflix series, just a half of Kate and Tully’s friendship history was shown. Moreover, it was shown without any kind of linearity and with a series of disturbing flashbacks and flashforwards, while in the book more gets told and with time linearity.
  • Now let’s come to painful notes, if those weren’t enough.
  • In the book, it isn’t Kate’s father who dies, but Kate herself. In fact she dies of cancer, not until she’s made peace with her best friend for a whole lifetime. The sequel of the novel Fly Away tells the events after Kate’s death.
Teenage Tully and Kate in the Netflix series.

Were you expecting these differences or are you disappointed?

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