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First Look At 911 Lone Star Season 4! – NEW CAST – SPOILERS

Are you buzzing up for 911 Lone Star Season 4 premiere on January 24? We at Survived The Shows gathered every detail we need to know. Keep reading for more scoops!


FOX has released any synopsis or detail on the plot of 911: Lone Star Season 4. Keep following us, we will be uploading it as soon as available!

Captains Strand and Vega along with the members of the 126 are called into action to a county fair when a “Derecho,” a series of fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms hit Austin, causing hurricanic and tornadic-force winds, heavy rains, flash floods and a wide path of destruction. Owen’s newfound passion for motorcycling puts him on a potentially dangerous path. Tommy has the potential for a romance when she meets an attractive single father (guest star D.B. Woodside). And as T.K. and Carlos prepare for their wedding, a secret from Carlos’ past may stand in their way to happiness in the all-new “The New Hotness” season premiere episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star airing Tuesday, Jan. 24 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX

Brian Michael Smith teases ‘a Lot of Heat’ for Strickland in Season 4

“It’s a lot of heat in every way that you can imagine,” teases Brian Michael Smith, who plays Paul Strickland on the hit Fox series.

Julian Works, who plays Mateo Chavez, adds: “The explosions get bigger, there’s going to be some passion, going to be some romance.”

That romance may include the first love interest for Paul — who is trans, as is Smith — something many fans have been hoping for.

“They really want to give the people what they want,” says Smith of the writers. “We’re for the people and we have heard the people. I’m excited about what the people are going to get for this season.”

In addition to romance, Smith is looking forward to seeing new facets to Paul’s life and personality. “Paul faced a lot of personal challenges in season 3. That was really cool to explore, so I’m looking forward to season 4 of exploring different sides of him that we didn’t get a chance to really see before,” he says. “Especially when it comes to how he’s grown.”

Julian Works teases Mateo and Nancy’s romance

Mateo, meanwhile, will be continuing to explore his relationship with paramedic Nancy Gillian (Brianna Baker) beyond their charged moments over coffee in the firehouse.

“I think Mateo at this point wants Nancy to be his baby mama,” Works says with a laugh. “Me and Brianna, we have such good chemistry, and that shows with Mateo and Nancy on screen. And I think it’s so cool because it’s so different from your average couple. And it’s like Mateo lives it up for Short King Spring and Brianna lives it up for the tall, sexy woman. So it’s a good combination of both and I hope that we continue to explore that relationship.”

“I think the sexiest thing at this point would be to show that he’s a man now and maybe wine and dine her. Take her out on a real date in front of people because that’s what he was kind of insecure about doing because she’s so much taller. … I think that would be cool to see us go on a nice romantic date.”

Brian Michael Smith teases what’s next

Recently, TV Insider caught up with Paul Strickland ’s portrayer on 911 Lone Star, Brian Michael Smith, at the second annual queer television festival The OutFronts in Hollywood. They chatted with the actor about what he’d like to see when the show returns for Season 4 next year, how Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black) encouraged him to seek a career in the performing arts, and more.

911 Lone Star: Brian Michael Smith on His Hopes for Paul in Season 4

Brian Michael Smith: As a trans person, not really. As a black person, we had The Cosby Show and the ‘90s sitcoms Martin and Living Single. With those shows, I felt I part of me was being represented but I didn’t really start to see any true [trans] reputation until 2013 when I saw Laverne Cox in Orange Is the New Black. When I got to see her storyline played out, I was motivated as an actor to tell stories that are more a part of my experience.

What feedback do you get from the trans community on your role on 911: Lone Star?

I try to leave open direct messages on my social media accounts. That allows people to reach out to me. People have said I’ve given them strength to come out to their parents or at work. It helps me to know what I do matters beyond my own desires as an artist.

Early on in the series, Paul had a potential love interest. Josie, played by Angel Parker. She said that, at least for now, she couldn’t get past Paul being trans. Would you like to see that relationship revisited?

I really, really would. I love working with [Angel]. She is an amazing, amazing actress. I felt there something very natural to the way they connected. It’d be great for her to come back. She said she wasn’t ready right now. We want the audience to take the journey with the characters. I like how their conversation unfolded. [Josie] responded in a very honest way. It was great that she could be honest. It wasn’t the best outcome for either of them but it was great to see them being honest. It’d be great to see the follow up to that.

On dating apps, there are categories to click but Paul and Josie didn’t meet that way.

No. There are expectations sometimes that trans people owe disclosure right away, but there is the issue of safety. How do you figure out if this is a safe conversation to have with a person?

Neal McDonough, D.B. Woodside & Amanda Schull Join Season 4 As Recurring

Neal McDonough (The Flash), D.B. Woodside (Lucifer) and Amanda Schull (Suits) are set for key recurring roles opposite Rob Lowe on the fourth season of Fox’s 9-1-1: Lone Star.

McDonough plays Sgt. Ty O’Brien, a hard-assed police sergeant who we met last season when he butted heads with Owen (Lowe). McDonough guest-starred as the character in one episode in Season 3.

Woodside will portray Trevor, a wholesome, handsome, charismatic, father and preacher. His new job has brought him and his daughter to Texas, but their new city greets them with a rare and dangerous storm.

Schull will play Special Agent Rose Casey, an FBI agent investigating the members of an extremist group. She believes the group is planning a dangerous attack and needs Owen’s help gathering evidence to strengthen the case.

Episode titles and release dates

S04E01 – The New Hotness – January 17, 2023
S04E02 – The New Hot Mess – January 24, 2023
S04E03 – Cry Wolf – January 31, 2023

 ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ on New Night

The network has announced premiere and return dates for its winter 2023 schedule, and that includes 9-1-1: Lone Star on a new night (and not taking over the time slot of 9-1-1, which will still return in the spring, as will The Masked Singer). Plus, Celebrity Name That Tune returns as does Fantasy Island, after a delay for the premiere of its second season.

Here is a first look at Iris’ return, and we’re happy to report that she’s doing much better than when Michelle found her living in a tent city.

Iris also appears to have developed a bond with T.K. (Ronen Rubinstein) and Carlos (Rafael Silva), whose recent engagement is giving fans plenty to get excited about. “It felt like the right time” for them to take the next step in their relationship, showrunner Tim Minear tells, admitting that he had “a couple of different endgames” for the beloved couple known as #Tarlos.

Tuesday, January 17

8:00 p.m.: 9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 4 Premiere)

Early on in Season 4 Carlos will reveal a pretty big secret to TK. Oh, and Carlos’ life will be put in jeopardy when he investigates the disappearance of someone close to him.

9-1-1: Lone Star team teases a secret that comes ‘crashing down’ on Tarlos wedding plans

The wedding hasn’t even happened, but is the honeymoon period over for Carlos and TK?

9-1-1: Lone Star season 3 ended with a Tarlos engagement, but in EW’s exclusive sneak peek at the season 4 premiere, it seems Carlos (Rafael Silva) is sitting on a secret that leaves him hesitant when the dream venue becomes available, moving his wedding to TK (Ronen Rubinstein) up to just weeks away.

“When this scene starts, Carlos is quite happy about the fact that we have a year and a half to figure this out, because he has something under his sleeve that he definitely doesn’t want to show,” Silva tells EW. “He doesn’t want to show those cards from his past, which he’s been trying to hide even from himself. Carlos is arriving at a point where he has to face the things that he’s done in order to be himself. But to be fully himself, he has to face his past.”

Silva says this scene is “the teaser to the actual news crashing down on TK.” But while the secret may come as a surprise to TK (and viewers), Lone Star co-creator Tim Minear says this plot twist has been planed since the very inception of the series.

“What’s bugging Carlos in this scene stems back to not only Carlos’s history, but the history of the show itself,” says Minear. “The great coming to the fourth year of the show is that you built up some history, and now we get to start playing with that.”

As for what’s going on with the rest of the 126, Minear teases “new revelations and new adventures for all of the characters.”

“We ended season 3 with Owen [Rob Lowe] having resolved some of his PTSD demons that he’s been wrestling with, which leaves him with a new quandary. Which is ‘How satisfying is it to be in a good place?’ And also he’s an empty-nester now, basically,” he says. “We definitely wanted to hit the ground running with TK and Carlos planning for their wedding. And I felt like it was time for our dear Tommy [Gina Torres] to have a new love in her life.”

“I wanted to come back with something that felt like it was fun and colorful, and that had a little bit of the 9-1-1 extreme element to it, but that also allowed us to start some of these character stories,” he continues. “There will be great emergencies, but I also wanted to come back with some meat and potatoes.”

Tim Minear about Gina Torres and DB Woodside Suits Reunion

“Funny enough, the week we were shooting our derecho, a similar storm was making news in the Midwest,” notes showrunner Tim Minear. “The green skies were all over Twitter.”

“These two have chemistry to spare,” Minear raves of the reunited Suits couple. “Trevor allows Tommy to have some fun. Which she deserves.”

Gina Torres about Reunion with DB Woodside

(DB Woodside is) “a friend, and a great actor and collaborator.” But you’d be wrong! “I honestly didn’t know,” she swears. “[Showrunner] Tim Minear surprised me with this. I knew he was just coming off Lucifer and was taking some time off, so I wasn’t sure if he would want to do an open-ended character arc. I was very happy that he was able to come and play.”

An obstacle arises by the end of the premiere which could challenge Tommy and Trevor’s future together, but Torres hopes the audience will root for them to overcome it. This coupling has the power to “bring a sense of comfort to her, especially coming off that ill-fated brother-in-law interlude,” Torres says. “Trevor is age appropriate, he’s seen some things, he’s done some things — they’re peers. Maybe Tommy is finally finding her mind again.”

Owen Is Gearing Up for Yet Another Mid-Life Crisis This Season

“There was actually a line in [the fourth season] that I cut, where he says, ‘I know you think I’m going through a midlife crisis,’ and I think Nancy [played by Briana Baker] says, ‘Mid-life? How long is he expecting to live?'” showrunner Tim Minear told TV Guide with a laugh.

“I really do want to say that what he went through in his fever dream in the [Season 3] finale was [his way of] putting the 9/11 specter behind him, and he realized that he can’t always be there to save his son and that his son is not a child and that he can save himself,” Minear said about where viewers will find Owen in the premiere. “He could be there for him, but he doesn’t have to dote on him like he’s six years old. But that means he’s an empty nester, and that means, ‘Okay, I wrestled my demon, but my demon defined me, and now I don’t know who I am without a dragon-slayer demon.'”

“There was just something really funny to me about [how] every time Owen thinks he’s made a new male friend, he’s either a guy who’s trying to stab him in the back and knock down his fire station, or he’s probably a Nazi. He’s really bad at making friends of his own generation,” Minear said. “He’s got one who’s younger than him, which is Judd [Jim Parrack]. If he’d just turn around, he’d see Judd there and realize, ‘Oh, I have a great male friend.’ But he’s always looking for something else.”

“There’s a difference between learning from something, remembering it, not forgetting and wallowing in it. And I think that the message here for Owen is, you can’t just live in the worst moment of your life, just like you can’t hold onto the best moment of your life,” he said of how this experience impacts Owen moving forward. “All those moments put together cumulatively make you who you are today. And then you have to be the person that you are today and live in the moment that is happening now, and not let that slip by, without taking advantage of the fact that you’re alive.”

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