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HomenewsFirst Look at Chris Pine, Regé-Jean Page in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’  - WATCH

First Look at Chris Pine, Regé-Jean Page in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’  – WATCH

Chris Pine and Regé-Jean Page will star in the Dungeons & Dragons movie, premiering in March 2023: here is a fist look reveal!

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” is offering a first look to those already wandering the San Diego Convention Center, for the Comic-Con 2022 displaying footage of characters played by Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page and more cast members.

First Look at Chris Pine, Regé-Jean Page in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’  - WATCH

The characters

Pine’s character seems to be a bard, shredding on a lute before shredding the air with a sword. Rodriguez wields a battle axe, while Page has a dagger, a sword and a heavy suit of armor. Smith appears to be a wizard, while Lillis seems to be a druid or a ranger. Grant’s appearance concludes the promotional reel, holding a torch and some tea.

While the film is a fantasy, Pine has hinted at a rather light-hearted tone, stating that it draws inspiration from “Game of Thrones,” but also from works like “The Princess Bride,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “The Goonies.”

During a lively Comic-Con panel on Thursday with the film’s cast and creators that delivered a first look at the fantasy epic, Page divulged that he had “the best ass” of his life while working out for the film.

“Lots of push-ups, lots of sit-ups,” Page said of the training process. “I got to swing a sword around for a living. Do you know what I mean? That is everything that you’d want growing up. And coming into this, I got really, really good with the swords. It was lots and lots of stunts training, so my thighs were killing me and I had the best ass of my life.”

“You could wash clothes on ’em!” Michelle Rodriguez, one of his co-stars, shouted as the crowd applauded.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves https://twitter.com/DnDMovie/status/1550212578994839553 CR: Paramount Pictures

It was just the best time you could possibly imagine on this job. I spent time training and slaying dragons,” Page added.

Hugh Grant, who had been making a lot of S&M dungeon master jokes throughout the panel, said, “It was really getting my bottom into shape, as well.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves uses the lore of the long-running role-playing game to create a story about a group of disparate individuals coming together for a heist that soon becomes far greater when they accidentally unleash a terrible evil unto the world.

Producer Jeremy Latcham told EW in an interview ahead of the Comic-Con panel Thursday that Page’s character is “the ultimate paladin.” He explains, “He is holy, smart, on point, just very, very determined, and does not love the vibe of some of the other people in the group because he’s a very moral man. He represents the player who takes [the Dungeons & Dragons game] too seriously.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves https://twitter.com/DnDMovie/status/1550212578994839553 CR: Paramount Pictures

Rodriguez, who plays a barbarian called Holga, also had a great deal of working out to do in preparation for the part. She says she gained about 10 pounds of muscle. “Lots of working out, lots of protein shakes, lots of gas,” she joked.

Take a first look!

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Source: Variety

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