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First Look at Hulu’s Tiny Beautiful Things! – TRAILER

Hulu offered a first look at Tiny Beautiful Things, a new original limited series starring Kathryn Hahn and produced by ABC Signature and Hello Sunshine. The eight-episode series will premiere Friday, April 7 on the platform.


Based on Cheryl Strayed ‘s best seller, Tiny Beautiful Things follows Clare (Kathryn Hahn), a writer in crisis who becomes a revered journalist who owns an advice column, even though her life is falling apart.

A woman Clare who becomes a revered advice columnist when her own life is falling apart. When we first meet Clare, her marriage to her husband Danny is on its last leg. Her daughter, Rae, will barely talk to her. And her once-promising writing career is non-existent.

So when an old writing friend suggests she take over as the advice columnist Dear Sugar, she thinks she’s the last person for the job. But after reluctantly agreeing, she realizes that she might just be completely qualified. As the letter writers force Clare to revisit her most pivotal moments the death of her mother, the fallout with her brother, even some awful sex in the back office of a funeral home she excavates the beauty, struggle and humor in her own life to show us that we are not beyond rescue, that it’s our stories that can ultimately save us. And maybe even bring us back home.

Cast and production

The show stars Kathryn Hahn, Sarah Pidgeon, Quentin Plair and Tanzyn Crawford, with Owen Painter, Merritt Wever, Elizabeth Hinkler and Michaela Watkins guest starring. 

Liz Tigelaar is showrunner and executive producer of the ABC Signature e Hello Sunshine show with Lauren Neustadter, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Jayme Lemons, Cheryl Strayed, Stacey Silverman and Kathryn Hahn.

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