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Homela breaFirst Look at La Brea Season 2 - WATCH

First Look at La Brea Season 2 – WATCH

La Brea ‘s Season 1 finale had barely drawn to a close, and many fans are already asking: “When does Season 2 start?!”

“When does Season 2 of La Brea start?!” Keep reading for an update on season 2’s episode titles!

NBC’s La Brea stars Natalie Zea (Justified) as Eve Harris, a mild-mannered office manager who, with teen son Josh (Jack Martin), plummets into a massive sinkhole that busts open in downtown Los Angeles.

After gingerly landing in some strange world, Eve, Josh and the other survivors — including Sam (Jon Seda), his daughter Riley (Veronica St. Clair), Ty (Chiké Okonkwo), stoner Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney) and drug dealer Lucas (Josh McKenzie) — come to realize that they are in fact still in L.A., but circa 12,000 years ago!

While they puzzle over ever finding a way home, Eve’s estranged husband Gavin (Eoin Macken) and their daughter Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) are topside in 2021. Working with Dr. Sophia Nathan (Virginie Laverdure) and later her colleague Rebecca Aldridge (Ming-Zhu Hii) to launch a rescue mission into the sinkhol. Despite opposition from DHS agent Markman (Toby Truslove).

Season 1 ended with — SPOILERS AHEAD! — that realization that Isaiah, a little boy from a primeval village, is in fact a young Gavin

And that if he does not hop a ride on the next portal back to 1988, he will never grow up to meet Eve and sire their children! Meanwhile, Isaiah’s mysterious grandfather Silas (Mark Lee) plotted again and again to keep the lad in 10,000 B.C

Filming of the La Brea pilot began in April 2020, and the 10-episode shoot wrapped in mid-September. Season 2, series creator and co-showrunner Davie Appelbaum tells TVLine, will follow the same pattern, kicking off production in what we in the States call “Spring” 2022.

Season 1 spanned a compact 10 episodes, and we now have official word on Season 2’s length! Surprisingly to what everyone believed, season 2 will have 14 episodes! The episodes may be split into two halves, so that Season 2 can premiere sooner rather than later.

It’s time to sink back into the La Brea sinkhole for a sneak peek at season 2.

This has always been a show, at its heart, that’s about a divided family trying to get back to each other. We wanted to bring that same spirit to season 2, but with a whole new context,” Appelbaum tells EW. “This is an action-adventure thrill ride, but it’s crucial that we also make it a deeply emotional story. Finding that balance was one of the main goals as we charted out season 2.”

“I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but we did have to employ an intimacy consultant this year”

“Actually, more than once. And actually at times we didn’t even anticipate.”- Gonzalez

Zea agreed, “It’s true. I would get the call saying, ‘Hey, do you need me to be on set for episode whatever, scene whatever?’ And I’m like, ‘What’s that now? What happens?’ You certainly see more of the romance than you saw before, which was I guess nothing.”

Co-star Eoin Macken, who plays Eve’s ex-husband Gavin Harris, jokingly chimed in, “From Gavin’s point of view, it gets very spicy.”

Macken shared, “That’s the interesting thing about the show, there’s a lot of different directions it can go in that way.”

While Zea joked she’s “so scared of spoilers,” Macken confirmed “we can tell you that there will be more sinkholes” in season two.

With so many time travel surprises that already shocked viewers last season, Macken promised, “This year is OMG moments but in capitals.”

More spoiler from the cast

“This season will still largely take place in 10,000 BC. However, we will no longer be telling a concurrent story in modern-day Los Angeles. Instead, we will be telling a story in 1988 Los Angeles,” Appelbaum explains. “We think this will add a new layer of fun and intrigue to the episodes. It’s also a story I don’t think anyone in the audience would have expected when they first started watching the show. We love the idea of keeping our viewers on their toes and never knowing what’s around the next corner.”

Natalie Zea: “We pick up really, really quickly after the finale. A day. So I’m still reeling from the fact that I have two children in very disparate places and neither of them are with me. Eve’s not handling that great, as one would expect. So initially, it becomes only about that, and then I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that once that issue is resolved, in a sense, then we move on to the survival of it all, and these guys, and her conflicted feelings about them.” 

Ty made the decision to stay behind, even though a trip to 1988 could have brought him closer to modern medicine. Instead, he chose to stay with Paara (Tonantzin Carmelo)

Tonantzin Carmelo: “There’s a portal that opens up at the end of Season 1, and it leads to 1988…Ty decides to stay in 10,000 BC, and Ty and Paara decide that they want to move forward as a couple. So there’s this budding new relationship happening, which is challenged by the fort people and their needs, with Paara’s place as a leader and Ty’s role with the sky people.” 

Chike Onkonkwo: “Part of the challenge of the first season was Ty’s brain tumor. It would slow him down. In the second season, I think he’s made peace with it, and that’s a really nice part of the character to explore. He can just be present and just try to be useful to the group, to this new dynamic with Paara…It’s a love that he was willing to turn his back on his world and his health for. That alone is a really big decision, so it’s nice to see what challenges come from that decision in the second season with these two characters.

It’s been fun because you have this big, dynamic, dramatic show, but there’s also all these smaller human stories happening as well throughout the show, whether it’s Eve and Gavin and Levi and that love triangle, or it’s Ty and Paara working on how to bring their two worlds together. It’s more than just two cultures: it’s two times and different ways of being, so it’s a really nice part of the story to play. 

We’ll get a lot, lot more [of the love story]. All great love stories have obstacles, and their story certainly has some big, big obstacles that we see right from the beginning of the second season.” 

The “topside” storyline this season might be a little lighter

“There is definitely some of the fun of being in a new time period and experiencing a culture from 30 years ago — the music, and all of that — but it’s always important to us, as in Season 1, that the stories in the topside are speaking to the stories in 10,000 B.C. Josh and Riley are going to get sucked into a larger mystery, and it’s going to start to give answers about some of the larger mythological questions about why these sinkholes exist in the first place, and if there’s a way to actually stop them. And at the same time, our characters in 10,000 B.C. are going to be drawn into that mystery as well.”

Scott and Aldridge are “a big part of the story”

Talking about the tower, Applebaum said: “Oh no, they’re a big part of the story. We’re not going to go into the building in the first episode; that is a mystery and a story that we’re going to unfold over time, but we wanted to strike that balance between teasing but also not wanting to frustrate the audience. Sometimes you have shows where it can take seasons to reveal questions you want answers to, and it may not be right to give you that obvious answer right now, but it’s about  finding that balance. This season will give them answers, but we’re not going to give up everything right away.”

Will the show keep filming in Australia?

Worry not, the Land Down Under will continue to double as the land down under (and 12,000 years to the left). Australia “is a fantastic place to shoot,” avows La Brea creator/co-showrunner David Appelbaum.

“There’s a natural wonder to the landscape there that is perfect for 10,000 B.C. — things you can’t really get in a lot of other places.” Australia also offers up “really experienced [local] crews, too, that have stepped up at every juncture,” says the EP.

NBC’s hit disaster action series “La Brea” will return to Australia for production of season two. The series will receive $11.5 million (A$16 million) of subsidy from the Australian federal government.

The move was announced on Monday by Paul Fletcher, Australia’s federal Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts. He said that the show will film again in Victoria state, but gave no specifics about the timings.

Fletcher said that filming season two in Victoria is expected to inject more than $83.1 million (A$118 million) into the economy, create jobs for 390 Australian cast and crew, and use the services of around 800 local businesses. Those are larger figures than for the first season, which government estimated had injected an estimated $60.2 million (A$84 million) into the Australian economy and created more than 475 cast and crew jobs.

In addition to filming in Down Under, Universal Studio Group and its Australian production arm Matchbox Pictures committed to partnering with the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) on a training initiative dedicated to virtual production.

The Victoria state government will also provide finance for the series, though the sum was not disclosed

Production on Season 2 of NBC’s La Brea is underway in Australia, and to mark the occasion, TVLine has an exclusive peek at the premiere.

Like, literally a peek at the premiere — meaning, the front page of the script, which reveals the title for the hit sci-fi drama’s Season 2 opener.

La Brea Season 2 Premiere

“We’re so thrilled to be back in production for Season 2,” La Brea creator and showrunner David Appelbaum tells TVLine. “Can’t wait for our fans to see all of the mysteries and surprises we have in store. It’s going to be an exciting season.”

When will season 2 premiere on NBC?

Though La Brea was originally conceived as possibly a summertime series for NBC, the demands of production and post-production instead dictated a Fall 2021 launch.

Season 2, similarly, will premiere at 9 p.m. Tuesday, September 27.

Season 2, it was recently announced, will total 14 episodes (40 percent more!), though they will likely be split into two batches so that the visual effects-heavy series can still premiere this fall.

Season 2 episodes titles

  • 2×01 – Three Days Later
  • 2×02 – The Cave
  • 2×03 – The Great Escape
  • 2×04 – TBA
  • 2×05 – The Fog

Synopsis of episode 1 Season 2 of La Brea

Desperate to reunite with her son, Eve follows a lead that brings her face-to-face with a ruthless prehistoric group. Gavin, Izzy and Ella question whether they’re fit to survive in 10,000 BC. Josh and Riley wake up in an unfamiliar time.


Promotional pictures

La Brea’ Season 2 First Look: The Cast Takes Us Behind the Scenes

La Brea is mere days away from returning for its long-awaited second season at NBC, but while fans wait for the September 27th premiere, the stars are giving us an exclusive first look behind the scenes.

In a sneak peek featurette, above, cast members Jon Seda, Jack Martin, Rohan Mirchandaney, and Lily Santiago are pulling back the curtain on production, and showing viewers what it’s really like to film the series.

Kicking things off in the nearly six-minute long segment Seda, who plays Dr. Sam Velez in the show, leads fans on a walk around the set for The Fort. “Now, doesn’t this look like we’re in 10,000 B.C.?” He asks in the video, above. The actor quickly clarifies that they’re actually in The You Youngs, Australia, just outside of Melbourne.

As realistic as the huts of The Fort may look, Seda shows us that it’s all part of the TV magic as the exteriors hide less glamorous interiors. Even with the expansive set on display, Seda notes that most interiors are shot on a sound stage which is also teased in the featurette.

Throwing the camera to Martin who plays Josh Harris in the show, Seda’s costar guides viewers through another portion of the set, teasing that Season it, “is truly bigger and better than ever.”

Meanwhile, rounding out the tour are Mirchandaney and Santiago who play Scott Israni and Veronica Castillo.

Together, they walk us through the makeup and hair trailers, as well as visit the craft services truck. As this tour commences, fun facts pop up on the screen to provide further insight that La Brea fans won’t want to miss. For those less familiar with the series, La Brea follows an epic family adventure after a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles, pulling people and surrounding buildings into a mysterious and dangerous primeval land.

Cast Lets Loose About ‘Sex’-y Season 2 and One Hairy Hiccup

In TVLine’s rollicking cast Q&A, Natalie Zea (who plays Eve), Nicholas Gonzalez (Levi), Eoin Macken (Gavin), Zyra Gorecki (Izzy), Jon Seda (Sam), Chiké Okonkwo (Ty), Tonantzin Carmelo (Paara) , Veronica “Pow-Pow!” St. Clair (Riley) and Jack Martin (Josh) took turns playing hype man for Season 2, which picks up not long at all after the Season 1 finale, in which Josh and Riley vanished into a light portal and leaped from 10,000 B.C. to the year 1988.

Along the way, we raised a few burning questions about Ty being the best-dressed man in the primeval world (at the 1:20 mark), but perhaps more critically, Gavin’s curious growth spurt — meaning, with regards to the extra-lush mane he suddenly now rocks in the land down under. Macken and a dishy Zea offer an “explanation” for that hairy problem at the 1:40 mark.

Also in the video above, St. Clair and Martin rave about their storyline set in the most excellent ’80s, and the rad fashion that comes with it.

In closing, at the 2:33 mark, TVLine tasked the cast members with rattling off five (5) words each to preview their respective Season 2 storylines. Which three stars copped to some “smooching” ahead, and who promised no less than S-E-X?


La Brea Video: Cast Lets Loose About ‘Sex’-y Season 2 and One Hairy Hiccup

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