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Homenews tv seriesFirst look at "Shining Girls" with Elisabeth Moss - WATCH

First look at “Shining Girls” with Elisabeth Moss – WATCH

Apple TV+ just released the first trailer for Shining Girls, a eight-episode thriller starring Elisabeth Moss, premiering on April, 29.
The show is based on the 2013 namesake novel by Lauren Beukes. It will premiere Friday, April 29 with the first three episodes, followed by a new episode every Friday. The eight-episode series is only available on Apple TV+.

Shining Girls, Elisabeth Moss
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Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Men) stars as Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago newspaper archivist whose journalistic ambitions were put on hold after enduring a traumatic assault. When Kirby learns that a recent murder mirrors her own case, she partners with seasoned-yet-troubled reporter Dan Velazquez (Narcos‘ Wagner Moura) to uncover her attacker’s identity.

As Kirby and Dan come to realize that these cold cases are inextricably linked, their own personal traumas (and Kirby’s “blurred reality”) allow the serial assailant to remain one step ahead.

The eight-episode series premiere worldwide on April 29 with its first three episodes, followed by new episodes weekly on Fridays. And if the mystery at the center of this metaphysical drama doesn’t draw you, Bell’s creepy killer certainly will. “I think as a culture, we have this weird, kind of morbid fascination with people like [Harper],” Bell says. “I think mostly because they terrify us, but the question always is, how and why is it possible that people do these kinds of things?…and I wanted to explore that [as an actor].”

And what motivates this guy? Anger towards an entire gender, according to Bell.

“Harper’s incredibly threatened by specifically, women, who I think he has a deep hatred for, and he’s threatened by their success, or by their potential, or by their achievement, all of those things he doesn’t possess himself,” he notes. “So, he extinguishes that in them. He takes away their shine.”

Aiding Kirby in her adventure is tired journalist Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura), who has just returned to the Sun-Times after a leave of absence. “What I like about [Dan] is his connection with Kirby,” says Moura of the bond the coworkers form. “They recognize each other as people that have similar wounds and scars and they know that that other person is going through something that the other understands, which is trying to get their lives on track.”

Despite the fact he plays such a “distasteful” and “abhorrent human being,” Bell says he felt that his experience making the show was an incredibly rewarding one, a sentiment echoed by Moss, Moura, MacLaren, and Luisa.

“I still consider myself, really, a student of this stuff. I’ve been doing it for 20 years or whatever, but I’m learning constantly. And I’m only doing one job here. For Lizzie [Moss], who’s pulling three jobs, it did make me think I should be maybe doing more with my life, a little bit,” he says with a laugh, adding, “but I genuinely felt inspired. By Lizzie. By everyone.”

Moura agrees, calling the set “a great environment to work” despite the heavy subject matters Shining Girls tackles. “This is a series — it’s a mix of genres. It’s a crime story. It [also has] sci-fi elements. But I think that, in its core, this is a series about femicide and women getting killed just because they’re women,” he says.

“It’s a very heavy thing. And it’s something that resonates a lot with me, coming from Brazil … this is something that happens all the time [there],” Moura adds. “But the environment that we had [on set], and I think that this is a lot because of Lizzie, was very light and fun and nice. I felt great doing the scenes with her. So, this was great. I was very happy. It’s great when you leave the set feeling like, ‘Oh, that was great.’ That doesn’t happen all the time.”


The cast includes Moss, Moura, Phillipa Soo (Dopesick, Broadway’s Hamilton), Amy Brenneman (The Leftovers) and Jamie Bell (TURN: Washington’s Spies). Moss also serves as an EP and directed the premiere. The series is executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, and Michael Hampton through Appian Way.

Official trailer

Take a look at the first official trailer of Shining Girls, starring Elisabeth Moss!

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