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First Look At Station 19 Season 6! – SPOILER WATCH

Are you already buzzing for the release of Station 19 season 6 on October 6? Here’s everything we know about it so far, from synopsis, promotional photos, release date and trailer!

First Look At Station 19 S6! – RELEASE DATE – Credit: ABC – Here’s everything we know so far!

Synopsis of Station 19 Season 6!

ABC has released a synopsis that teases what’s going to happen on Station 19 S6. Keep following us to know more!

“Twist and Shout” – The Station 19 crew jumps into action as a violent tornado rips through Seattle. Amidst the chaos, the team makes a shocking discovery buried under a tree, and Travis’ first responder instincts kick into high gear at a political event on the season premiere of “Station 19,” THURSDAY, OCT. 6 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

Boris Kodjoe on ‘Station 19’ Season 6: ‘There Might Be a Love Triangle’

According to Boris Kodjoe, who plays Robert on the show (and is currently partnering with Bounty and Microband 24), things are about to get even more complicated for the pair. He told PureWow, “Leaving off of what happened in season five, I think there might be a love triangle that’s developing.”

He continued, “There might be something going on with the new chief, and then [with] Andy, there’s still something there. It’s going to be really exciting to find out how that’s gonna play out.”

Fans are already divided on whether or not Sullivan and his ex-wife, Andy, are endgame, but from what we’ve already seen in season five of the Shonda Rhimes series (remember those flashbacks?), it appears that Sullivan and Natasha’s romance has the potential to survive Maya’s blackmail.

In case you need a refresher, Maya confronted Natasha and revealed that she knew about her relationship with Sullivan, then threatened to expose the secret if she didn’t get her job back. But something tells us that Natasha won’t give in so easily.

Aside from teasing new drama, Kodjoe also spoke about how much he enjoys working with the cast. “I’m really excited about season six,” he told us. “It’s such a blessing to go back to work with people you love.”

Danielle Savre on “Station 19” Season 6

Danielle has repeatedly said that this will be a very dark season, that there will be many difficult scene and action.We have to get our tissues ready and that we will most likely get angry. She said that they recorded scenes at night and more fire, that ep 4 is epic and her favorite (at the moment) and that there will be an emotional scene at the end. In general that we should be scared of what will happen in S6.

Stefania Spampinato on “Station 19” Season 6

The first episode will show what happened in the 6 months and at some point things will take a very dark turn and it was hard to record them.

When asked to describe Carina in S6 she said, “Struggle, disappointment and hormonal.” She added that, also echoing what Danielle said, things will be very difficult before anything good comes (she added that a glimmer of hope might come in ep 6). Also on Carina she said she will return the one from S14 of Greys and that she will be in some ep of Season 19.

Her comment on S6 was that we will see different colors of the characters. This season is very intense. She says when relationships are stable and linear it can be boring.

Her favorite episode so far this season is the one they are doing now (6×05, in theory). Also it seems there might be some Marina backstory during the season, she did not specify beyond that.

For those interested in a supporting actor, Carina’s Porsche will make its return. (😂)

She confirmed that originally Carina was supposed to have a romantic relationship with Amelia in Greys and not Maya; Caterina Scorsone’s pregnancy changed plans. She also described the relationship between them that made Marina famous. Danielle also talked about how easy it is to record with Stefania despite it being different this season because of some difficult and dramatic scenes.

Station 19 Makes Series Regulars of 3 Actors

ABC announced on Tuesday that ahead of the first-responders drama’s Season 6 premiere, Merle Dandridge, Josh Randall and Pat Healy have all been promoted from recurring to series-regular status.

Former Greenleaf leading lady Merle Dandridge made her debut on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff back in Season 5 as Chief Natasha Ross, who has a past, and quite possibly a future, with a recently divorced Sullivan (with whom she did a tour of duty in Iraq). Regular viewers will recall that in the May finale, Maya threatened to expose the secret lovers’ affair if she wasn’t given back the position that was taken from her by Ross’ predecessor.

Of course, that may be far easier said than done, considering that Bishop’s old job has been filled since Season 5 by the polarizing Captain Sean Beckett — whose portrayer, Ozark and Westworld vet Josh Randall, is sticking around.

Rounding out the trio of promotions is Better Call Saul’s Pat Healy, who plays former Chief Michael Dixon, the corrupt-to-his-core scumbag against whom Travis is running for mayor (and whose son Emmett Montgomery used to date). Before being upped to series regular, Healy had been antagonizing our heroes as Dixon on a recurring basis since Season 3

Kelly Thiebaud Will Return As Eve Vasquez on Station 19 Season 6

Emmy Award winner Kelly Thiebaud (General Hospital, Days of Our Lives) is returning to Station 19 as Eva Vasquez for the drama’s sixth season, premiering on October 6.

Eva is the widow of fallen Station 19 firefighter Rigo Vasquez (Rigo Sanchez) who appeared in Season 3. Eva had a steamy affair with her husband’s colleague Jack Gibson (Grey Damon) that resulted in total chaos. Her return promises to be as messy and destructive as her arrival.

ABC teases of the character’s return, “Misery loves company and Eva finds solace with someone from her past.” Let the speculations begin.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Veteran Zoanne Clack Named ‘Station 19’ Head Writer

Grey’s Anatomy executive producer Zoanne Clack, MD, MPH, has been named executive producer and head writer of spinoff Station 19. Clack, who has started her new duties as #2 to executive producer/showrunner Krista Vernoff on first-responders drama Station 19, will remain an exec producer on medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, also exec produced/showrun by Vernoff.

On Station 19, Clack is succeeding Kiley Donovan who has stepped down. Donovan also had dual responsibilities across the two Grey’s Anatomy franchise dramas and will continue as co-executive producer on the mothership series.

The change follows a recent upheaval in the Station 19 writers room following an incident involving racial slur use by a racist character in a draft of an outline that exposed long-simmering racial issues on the show and prompted producer Shondaland to act swiftly, using the situation as an opportunity “to reimagine the structure of leadership in the name of creating a more respectful and inclusive workplace.”

Release date

Station 19 will be back on the small screen with S6 on October 6 on ABC

What about Jack?

Jack is back, “but when we find him,” says Vernoff, “he’s [no longer] a firefighter, and struggling with this emotional fallout.”

Promotional photos

ABC has released the promotional pictures – What’s next for our favourite firefighters and paramedics? Take a first look!

Promo and sneak peeks

ABC has released the promo or sneak peeks for the season – Take a first look!

Sneak Peek

What do you think about this first preview on Station 19 S6? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!

Keep following us for more news on Station 19 and its cast!


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