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HomemovieFirst Look at The Palace, premiering on September 28! - TRAILER

First Look at The Palace, premiering on September 28! – TRAILER

After its spectacular debut at the Venice International Film Festival, Roman Polanski’s new film The Palace will be released in theatres worldwide on September 28. Let’s take an exclusive first look at the film!

Primo sguardo a The Palace, in uscita nelle sale il 28 settembre! – TRAILER


There is a sumptuous castle designed in the early 1900s by a mystical architect, a castle that sits in the mountains of Switzerland, in the middle of a snowy valley. It is the Palace Hotel, a building with a gothic, fairy-tale atmosphere where rich, pampered and spoiled guests from all over the world converge every year on New Year’s Eve.

It is December 31, 1999, it is the dawn of the new millennium, and Hansueli, the hotel’s devoted 50-year-old manager, inspects the staff almost militarily before the arrival of guests for New Year’s Eve 2000, reiterating that it will not be the end of the world. A host of waiters, porters, cooks and receptionists prepare to accommodate the absurd needs of the globe’s most extravagant guests. The stories of the individual characters create an absurd, black, provocative comedy. The film benefits from important visual effects and a filming technique of the highest level. Added value is given by the editing by Hervé De Luze and the music by the great composer Alexandre Desplat.


Oliver Masucci, Fanny Ardant, John Cleese, Joaquim De Almeida, Luca Barbareschi, Milan Peschel, Bronwyn James, Fortunato Cerlino, Michelle Shapa and Mickey Rourke

Directed by Roman Polanski



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