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First Look at Walker Season 3! – WATCH

Walker season 2 just ended with an explosive finale: showrunner Anna Fricke teased what to expect from season 3 and digged into season 2 finale. Let’s give it a first look!

Walker is on track for 18 episodes this season!

Walker: what to expect from season 3 after s2 finale!

Synopsis for Season 3 premiere “World on a string”

Picking up where we left off in season 2, it’s graduation day and the Walker family is turning a corner into a seemingly hopeful future that is until Cordell (Jared Padalecki) goes missing, and his mysterious captors are trying to break him down physically and mentally. Meanwhile, Captain James (Coby Bell), Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and the rest of the Rangers have all hands on deck to bring Cordell home safely but Stella (Violet Brinson) has ideas of her own on how she can help. Steve Robin directed the episode written by Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke (#301). Original airdate 10/6/2022. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required.

Showrunner Anna Fricke teases season 3

When we last spoke to showrunner Anna Fricke, the writers were still in the early stages of planning Season 3, “but we’re thinking Captain James really put his neck out in making some special calls to see if it was even possible for Trey to become a Texas Ranger and for his time in the military to count,” she said. “Captain James really believed in him and has sort of heavily personally recruited him. So we think it might be a good opportunity to sort of put James back on the beat, as it were.”

Is there any chance we’ll see Lindsey Morgan back on Walker as Micki?

There “have not” yet been any such discussions, showrunner Anna Fricke tells TVLine, “but we’re on such good terms with Lindsey and we really supported how and why she wanted to leave. She always has a close place to me in my heart, and obviously I wrote that character for her, so the door is always open.”

Are there any ideas or plans for additional Walker spin-offs?

“With our Walker world, so many of our characters deserve a show of their own,” star/executive producer Jared Padalecki says. “With Independence as well, there are just so many characters I’m so curious about. And so as both series progress, I very much look forward to exploring more. One of the wonderful things that the writers have done on Walker, especially because we’ve had more time, is to have episodes that are heavy with Stella, or with August, or with Trey, or with Cassie, or with Liam, or with Bonham and Abby. They’re really fleshing out not just my character, but every character, and I think our intention is to continue that. So we don’t currently have another spinoff in the works, but we are certainly open-minded, and we constantly chat about ideas.”

Is there some non-platonic chemistry between Cassie and Trey?

“Not intentionally,” says showrunner Anna Fricke. “We were joking, actually, in the writers’ room that [Jeff Pierre] has chemistry with a broom — he’s just so charming and warm that it may very well read as something non-platonic. But it’s not our intention.”

Walker season 3 will explore who the danger that Cordell has found himself in and who’s behind it

“This is something that we’re obviously exploring in Season 3, and our writers’ room is up and running, so we are right in the thick of discussing all of that. I will say that Cordell has gotten too close to something in his investigation, and it’s possible that something unexpected from his past comes back to haunt him.”

His friends and family will probably have a different reaction to his absence

“This is sort of how we met Cordell and his family in Season 1, [with] Walker missing and him dealing with the homecoming in the first season of the show, but everyone around him has grown up a lot and might have a different reaction to his absence right now. So we’ll be seeing the characters reacting differently and perhaps growing up in ways that they didn’t expect.”

Prepare for bigger stories with Cassie

“We met her as a Ranger who was very actively searching for her missing partner, Miles. She’s someone who’s very dedicated and very passionate about what she does, and she’s a very true blue partner. So the fact that this is happening on her watch, for better or worse, is only going to instill more of a fight in her. We’re going to see a lot more bigger stories with Cassie in Season 3.”

Cordell already has a partner in Cassie, so you might be wondering where that leaves Trey if he should decide to join the Texas Rangers. When we last spoke to showrunner Anna Fricke, the writers were still in the early stages of planning Season 3, “but we’re thinking Captain James really put his neck out in making some special calls to see if it was even possible for Trey to become a Texas Ranger and for his time in the military to count,” she said. “Captain James really believed in him and has sort of heavily personally recruited him. So we think it might be a good opportunity to sort of put James back on the beat, as it were.”

We haven’t seen the last of the Davidsons yet

“There’s actually some stuff that we had to trim with them from the finale that we didn’t get to put in there. Stella and Colton are still going strong, and so I’m interested in still exploring that romance. The ranch is still next door. It’s possible that the land might still be up for grabs. Not the dispute, but just that they might still be around. The Davidsons, we didn’t kill any of them. [Laughs] There’s still some more story to be played out, especially with Colton and Dan Miller.”

“We’re really excited to explore learning some things about Cordell Walker that we never knew, and seeing his family in a new light,” showrunner Anna Fricke tells TVLine. “Season 2, we sort of focused on Cordell taking care of other people and sacrificing for them. Season 3, we are looking back into what happens when Walker’s past comes back to haunt him, because he does have a very complicated history, and it does follow him and it affects his family — but they’re in a different boat than they were a couple of years ago. People have grown up and people have learned some lessons, so I’m really excited about pushing the characters to their limits to see how they really react under fire.”

Jared Padalecki Hints at ‘Skeletons Lurking’ in Cordell’s Closet

“A little stressful,” Walker star Jared Padalecki says with a laugh, describing the situation in which we last saw Texas Ranger Cordell Walker: hog-tied and unconscious in the back of a van.

Thankfully, he is much more himself — stoic and perfectly stubbled — in the brand-spankin’ new key art for the CW series’ third season. Here is your exclusive first look…nice view, huh?

When the action picks up in Season 3, Walker is trying to figure out who’s holding him hostage. The star and executive producer hints that Cordi’s current crisis will be explored in flashbacks. “We find out more about the time he served in the Marines,” Padalecki says, “and that there might be some skeletons lurking in Walker’s closet.”

As he — and another abductee with secrets of her own — work out why they’ve been targeted, Cordi’s kids (Kale Culley and Violet Brinson) deal with the traumatic reality of their dad’s risky career, while his partner Cassie Perez (Ashley Reyes) will be “like a dog with a bone” in her efforts to find him. “We see a lot of heroics from Ashley,” raves Padalecki of the Season 2 cast addition.

As for the “Surrender to Yourself” tagline, we’ll just have to wait and see if that is referring to Cordi needing to reconcile with his own past or possibly a particular situation that may arise in the present. But we can verify that we will see JarPad in uniform and that won’t be the only thing setting the fandom on fire this year. “We have a pretty cool surprise in store for Walker’s military days,” he teases. Sir, yes sir!

Jared Padalecki Previews Cordell’s Harrowing and ‘Grueling’ Kidnapping

Following his shocking kidnapping in the closing minutes of last season’s finale by a mysterious enemy, the Texas Ranger finds himself “going through the most emotional and physical strife that he’s had to go through since we started the show,” star/executive producer Jared Padalecki tells TVLine. “He is away from his family and out of sorts, and not being treated well, so to speak, and he doesn’t have anybody to turn to. He can’t even really rely on himself, because he doesn’t have the tools to get out of the situation.”

As a result of that isolation, “as has happened in times of real physical or emotional turmoil, he needs to kind of go inward,” Padalecki previews, “and get to a place in his head where he can rely on the person he always trusted the most, which brings my real-life wife [Genevieve Padalecki as Cordell’s late wife Emily] back on camera with me to bounce ideas off of.”

While Emily is a source of comfort for Cordell, she also “brings him more pain, because now that she’s kind of back, he doesn’t want her to leave again,” Padalecki says, adding that Cordell is “in bad shape, and it only gets worse.”

As you can probably tell, the episode was an especially taxing one for the actor to film, given the emotional and physical torment that Cordell is put through while being held captive.

“When I read the script, I was like, ‘Awesome! I love it! This is going to be so fun!’ And then it was a couple of long days, because the best way to shoot it, just scheduling-wise, is kind of once you’re there, getting it all done. So it was a couple of grueling days, and I’m just wearing my running gear, shorts and a really thin shirt. So for some of the more physical pain parts, I can’t really wear kneepads or elbow pads or anything because they would’ve shown up. So I felt like it was good acting by default. I really did feel beat up. I didn’t have to act like I felt beat up, because I felt like I was actually beat up. So hopefully some of that translated on camera.”

Jeff Pierre talks Trey’s ‘life-changing’ decision in season 3

Trey (Jeff Pierre) has been through a lot. During Walker’s second season, Trey said goodbye to the woman that he loved when Micki (Lindsey Morgan) left, which caused him to rethink his place in this town. As a result, he deepened his friendships with people like Walker (Jared Padalecki) and Captain James (Coby Bell). By the end of season 2, Captain James had a proposal for him: Would Trey like to become a Texas Ranger?

Ahead of season 3, which premieres Oct. 6, EW spoke with actor Jeff Pierre about Trey’s journey and what comes next.

Let’s take it back to Micki’s exit for a second, because that was such a pivotal turning point for Trey. What was your experience with that?

JEFF PIERRE: That was a whirlwind. I read that script and I was, “What’s going on here?” And I had a panic for a second because I mean, first of all, I love Lindsey. She’s amazing, but I knew that meant something for me. But shortly after that, [showrunner] Anna [Fricke] called me. She said, “I know you just read it, but Trey’s fine”, she didn’t even really get into anything.

She literally just said, “Trey is fine.” So it was still very bittersweet because Micki left and that’s tough for Trey and obviously me, as well. But I was very gracious because I understood the role that I was in at that time and it was very intertwined with Micki’s storyline. So if she left, on a lot of shows, that’s it for Trey.

And shortly afterward, Jared [Padalecki], he was right behind Anna and said, “Listen, dude, whatever happens with Trey and Micki, Trey is good for as long as you want.” That really touched my heart, because I love this show dearly and I love the cast and crew more than anything. So, I’m glad I get to keep on doing this with them.

What has your experience been in the aftermath of that? Because it feels to me like Trey has only become more ingrained in other parts of the show.

Yes. This is true. This is one of the things that I love the most about it. Early on, I never got a chance to really work with some of the other actors on the show. And I obviously worked with Jared, so Trey and Walker had a few scenes together, but I think there was one episode where he got a chance to work with Captain James and then out of nowhere, boom.

Even before Micki’s departure, I started working with Bonham [Mitch Pileggi] and then Abeline [Molly Hagan] and I always had scenes with Violet [Brinson] and Kale [Culley] because of my connection with the school. But then I started having more with everybody and I just loved that. I was actually on the farm and me and Captain James have a thing going on.

Just getting a chance to have different chemistry with everybody else. And I feel like for Trey, he loves hard. Obviously it started with Micki, but I think he’s a protector at heart of the people that he loves, and he’s formed a bond with all of these individuals. I feel like he’s part of the Walker family.

Given his skill set, it also just makes sense to have Trey around more!

I mean, this is the type of show, if somebody’s going to get hurt almost every episode, somebody’s going to need a medic on scene. This is true. But you know what? Another thing that I like that I just developed organically with Trey is not just the medical aspect where he’s always there to aid the physical, but also the mental.

He became a therapist on the show. And I think that grew out his bond with the kids at the high school. He was always that voice of reason. He’s always there as a shoulder to lean on.

When you got the season 2 finale script and you read the conversation with James about becoming a ranger, what was your reaction to that?

Can I be honest? My first initial reaction, I screamed. And I was at home and my wife was in the other room and I think at the time we had our newborn, and my wife ran into the room thinking something happened. And I look at her: “Babe, I think I’m going to become a ranger.”

[Laughs] When she got over the fact that I think I woke up the baby, she was like, “This is great! I’m happy for you. Now I got to go put the baby to sleep.” [Laughs] But that’s how that went down. It was so amazing in that moment. I was really excited and I love the way that it’s with James, because me and him built up this relationship through the course of this season. And obviously he’s the perfect person to make it happen.

This is a massive decision for Trey, so when we pick up in season 3, is he still debating if this is the right thing?

Something like this is huge. It’s life changing for him. And he’s been thinking about it. I mean, we’re still picking up right where we left off, where he was in the midst of talking to Walker about it actually, right before the race. But in season 3, it’s really starting to dawn on him and we don’t know which way he’s leaning toward. I think he’s still on the fence, but it’s something that has been on his mind for a little while since Captain James brought it up for sure.

Well, first he’s got to find his friend, then he can make his decision.

Yes, exactly. We need to save Walker.

Now that you’ve played this character for a couple years, what do you feel has been the biggest change in Trey?

A lot has happened from episode 1 to now. He’s had a past where maybe he didn’t take things as seriously. He was enjoying his time with Micki and his time and as a Marine. But now, I think, he’s starting to really come into his own. He’s forming these relationships with these people. And I think his heart is growing even more. Being surrounded by these people that he loves helps push him in the right direction. So I think he’s on a good track now.

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