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Giacomo Gianniotti to guest-star in Netflix’s “From Scratch”

After saying goodbye to his charachter Dr. Andrew DeLuca in Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, Giacomo Gianniotti has been casted to play a guest-star role in a new project: Netflix’s limited series From Scratch.

From Scratch is the story of an African American woman who falls in love with a Sicilian chef

Netflix’s Limited Series “From Scratch” is based on Tembi Locke’s New York Times-bestselling memoir and it’s the story of an African American woman who falls in love with a Sicilian chef while studying abroad in Florence and goes on to build a life with him in Los Angeles, merging two seemingly opposite cultures. When they are faced with his unexpected cancer diagnosis, Amy becomes her husband’s caregiver and the person who brings their two very different families together, creating a new, blended family for her and her daughter after he dies.

The cast of From Scratch, which was shot in Italy, is international

Main character of “From Scratch” is Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar) who plays Amy Wheeler, a young woman from Texas who arrives wide-eyed in Italy, searching for a life full of beauty and adventure. An unexpected romance with a charming Sicilian, Lino, teaches her to live a life full of love and passion for romance, art, and food. Eugenio Mastrandrea (La Fuggitiva, The Girl from last century) plays Lino, a Sicilian chef who grew up translating literature at night, after spending days picking garlic and olives with his father in the fields of Sicily and learning to cook at his mother’s stove. Lino broke 100 years of tradition by leaving the fields of Sicily to become a chef. It’s through the love of his wife that he’s able to fulfill his dream of dreams before the end of his life.

In the cast also Danielle Deadwyler (Watchmen, The Harder They Fall) plays Zora, Amy’s older sister and best friend. Keith David (Greenleaf, Welcome to the Blumhouse) plays Hershel,  former civil rights activist, and Amy’s father. Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show, Z Nation) plays Lynn, Amy’s bitingly funny mother. Judith Scott (Dear White People, Snowfall) plays Maxine, Herschel’s wife, and Amy’s stepmother. Lucia Sardo (Nastro d’Argento, Picciridda) plays Filomena, Lino’s mother. Paride Benassai (Felicia Impastato, La Fuitina Sbagliata) plays Giacomo, Lino’s father.

Giacomo Gianniotti will play the role of Giancarlo, a sophisticated Italian

Former Andrew DeLuca, Giacomo Gianniotti plays Giancarlo, a sophisticated Italian man who catches Amy’s eye with ease. Giancarlo sets out to seduce her, using Florence as his unwitting accomplice. Terrell Carter plays Ken, Zora’s (Deadwyler) boyfriend. Medalion Rahimi  plays Laila, a talented artist who meets Amy via the art community. Jonathan Del Arco plays David, a warm and friendly art professor, who is also Amy and Lino’s landlord.

Peter Mendoza plays Andreas, Lino’s co-worker. Lorenzo Pozzan plays Filippo, one of Lino’s coworkers at Vigna Vecchia in Florence. Jonathan D. King plays Silvio, hailing from the same part of Italy as Lino. Rodney Gardiner plays Preston, a buttoned-up banker, who, along with his partner, David, owns the bungalow that Amy and Lino rent behind in Hollywood.

Elizabeth Anweis plays Chloe Lim, the accomplished owner of a Los Angeles art gallery who becomes Amy’s manager. Kassandra Clementi plays Caroline, a sweet Southern belle, and one of Amy’s new roommates in Florence.

“From Scratch” Season 1 with Giacomo Gianniotti as guest-star will be available in streaming on Netflix soon.

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