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Good Doctor 6: will Shaun ever overcome guilt about [Spoiler]’s death?

Good Doctor premiered the first episode of season 6: EP Liz Friedman talked about if Shaun will ever overcome guilt after Steve’s death.

Good Doctor 6: will Shaun ever overcome guilt about [Spoiler]'s death?
Why does Shaun ’s guilt about Steve’s death creep back up at this particular moment on Good Doctor? What is it about this surgery that unravels him?

Shaun always finds clarity, and to some extent peace, in surgery. We have always seen surgery as his happy place, so when you want to affect his ability to work in [the operating room], it’s got to be something really big that shakes him. That’s what we loved about this situation with Lim and Villanueva being hurt. It’s a very different thing to do a complicated surgery on a patient versus a complicated surgery on someone who is a friend whom you love.

Since Steve is a figment of Shaun’s imagination, what we see here is not Steve telling Shaun to forgive himself, but Shaun letting Shaun forgive himself. But can Dr. Murphy ever really do that? Can he let go of his guilt?

Shaun is still conflicted, but he is trying to believe that it is not his fault that his brother died. I’m not sure that he’ll ever be completely free of that [guilt], but that notion occurred to him, and I think that that allowed him to get himself clear enough to be able to go and do what was really important and help Lim.

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Lim’s outcome might have been different had Shaun followed Glassman’s orders in the OR. Will there be repercussions?

There will be emotional repercussions. Shaun and Glassman find themselves in a situation they haven’t been in before. For so long, Glassman has been a tremendous mentor to Shaun, but Shaun is now in a situation where he doesn’t see himself, at least in certain instances, in need of a mentor in the same way. That change in their relationship is going to be complicated for both of them.

Does Shaun feel guilty about Lim’s paralysis?

Shaun’s feelings about Lim’s [outcome] are really interesting. I think you’re going to find them really surprising. It is going to be a big source of conflict for the first [few] episodes. These events continue to reverberate for our characters.

Is Lim’s paralysis permanent, or will she make a full recovery?

Her recovery is a part of future episodes, but I’m a little uneasy with the word “recovery,” in the sense that recovery doesn’t necessarily mean a return to exactly who you were. That is something that Lim is going to come to grips with. As to whether or not [her paralysis] is permanent, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. She is going to be continuing as a surgeon. The big question is whether or not she’s the same doctor as she was before. You’re going to see this character struggle to figure out who she is in a different physical reality.

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