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Good Trouble Season 4: Preview on Episode 16! – WATCH

Mariana and Callie are back for another season of all-new trouble. Here’s a first preview for Good Trouble season 4 Episode 16, entitled “Mama Told Me”.

Good trouble season 4

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16, Mama Told Me”: Synopsis!

Freeform released a first logline that teases what’s happening in Good Trouble Season 4×16 “Mama Told Me”, – Let’s see!

Davia visits home and is forced to face her hometown demons. Gael and Isabella cope with the fallout of their violent encounter. Mariana and the FCGs have to decide between prioritizing morals or profits for the success of their business.

Official synopis for Good Trouble 4×16

As the trailer opens, Isabella and Gael—whose reunion remains a secret—are looking forward to the occasion with optimism, as Gael says smiling, “We’re having a baby in eight weeks.”

However, things don’t appear to stay rosy for long, as Isabella reveals, “My parents, they don’t think I’m fit to be a mother.” Meanwhile, Davia (Emma Hunton) tells Gael the couple is headed for disaster, saying, “There’s no way she’s okay with being pregnant with your baby and keeping your relationship a secret.”

Elsewhere, the relationship between Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Evan (TJ Linnard)—who broke up in the first half of season four—is as fraught as ever.

After they run into each other, Evan tells Mariana, “I saw somebody touching your elbow in a very flirtatious manner.”

And it seems that Evan isn’t the only one thinking about his ex, as Mariana later notes to her mentor, “I don’t want anyone under the impression that you did all this for me because you’re my boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend.”

However, we have bad news for fans of Mariana and Evan’s chemistry. Specifically, Mariana is seen exploring a relationship with Joaquin (Bryan Craig). Despite Mariana warning Joaquin that “Cotarie relationships can get kinda messy,” the two are seen hooking up.

Promotional pictures

Freeform hasn’t released the promotional pictures for “Meme Told Me – you will see them below as soon as Freeform releases them!


Freeform has released a promotional video for Good Trouble Season 4×16, “Mama Told Me”. Take a first look!

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Source: SPOILER TV / ET Online

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