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Grey’s Anatomy: How much do you know April Kepner? – QUIZ

April Kepner, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a fictional character from the ABC’s medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. The character was created by series producer Shonda Rhimes and is portrayed by actress Sarah Drew.

Dr. Kepner is a former attending trauma surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After surviving a near-fatal accident, she resigned from Grey Sloan to help the unhoused who need medical care.

April Kepner and Jackson Avery

Much of April’s personal life was revealed while she was being held at gunpoint by Gary Clark. She was forced to tell him personal details about herself in an attempt to prevent him from shooting her.

She reveale that she was born on April 23rd in Columbus, Ohio and was raised on a corn farm in Moline, Ohio. Her mother is a teacher, while her father stays home and tends to the farm.

Test yourself with our brand new quiz all dedicated to see how much you really know Dr. April Kepner! We at Survived The Shows are doing the honors and believe in you… now it’s your turn to show your knowledge!


Congratulation! April has no secrets for you!

Maybe you need a rewatch…

#1. How many sisters does April have?

#2. Who did NOT work at Mercy West with April?

#3. After the shooting, April and Jackson move into _______ house

#4. Who uses April's diary to blackmail her?

#5. Why did April get fired from the hospital?

#6. April discovers the body of ______ who had been shot

#7. Who does April lose her virginity to?

#8. April's temporarily leaves Seattle to work as a surgeon for the ______

#9. _____ visits April on her parent's farm to offer her a position at the hospital

#10. What do April and Jackson name their first child?

#11. What is April's surgical specialty?


Share your results on how well you remember the events and storylines of April Kepner with us in the comments and may the best win!

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