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Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams teases Jackson and April ’s return – WATCH

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew will return on Grey’s Anatomy as Jackson Avery and April Kepner. Williams teases that Japril fans will be very happy!

Anticipazioni Grey's Anatomy, Jackson e April di nuovo insieme? Parla Sarah  Drew

Both the actors will make their appearance in the 400th episode of the medical drama, which will also serve as the season 18 finale. But htis might not be Williams’ last opportunity to return to the series, which he expects to continue for quite some time. “Grey’s will outlive us all,” he joked. The show has been renewed through season 19, which will start in the fall.

Jesse Williams teased vaguely what fans will see

“I think a dart would shoot into my neck if I told you what’s going to happen with Japril,” Williams, 40, said during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Monday, May 9.

Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams teases Jackson and April ’s return - WATCH

He continued, teasing vaguely, “They exist in some form or fashion, and you will see them on screen — possibly on the same screen. That’s about all I can say.”

Williams departed Grey’s Anatomy last spring after 12 seasons. His character Jackson Avery’s exit was revealed in the May 6 episode, “Look Up Child,” which also featured Grey’s alumna Drew, who returned as April Kepner to help give Jackson a proper sendoff. Jackson visited his ex to tell her that he was moving to Boston to take over the family foundation. April agreed to follow him there so he can be close to their daughter, while dropping a bombshell of her own that she recently had separated from her husband — giving fans hope that Japril might be back on.

“We were asked a few weeks ago,” Williams said on WWHL of making his Grey’s comeback. “I think it came out in the press the moment that we said OK.”

Williams was open to return to the medical drama

“You know, I can’t be sure, but I think it’s possible,” he said. “Yeah, I think it’s totally possible. I think it’s totally possible. You never know how things will shake out. There’s a lot of other factors at play, including schedules and stuff, but I love the idea of keeping that option open.” Drew also has said publicly that she would love to reprise her Grey’s role.

Watch Williams’ interview!

Are you excited for Jackson and April ‘s return on Grey’s Anatomy?

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