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Grey’s Anatomy: Kate Walsh Says It’s Funny Being an ‘Elder Statesman’ Now On Set

Kate Walsh is reflecting on being a part of Grey’s Anatomy and how it’s still chugging along after nearly two decades.

The actress was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show and she shared her feelings about stepping back into Addison Montgomery’s shoes after spending several years away from the franchise.

“It’s incredible to be back. But the younger set of actors who are the new set of interns, they grew up watching the show. You’re like, ‘Oh, hi!'” Walsh shared. “It’s funny to be the elder statesman of the show. They’re so beautiful, all of them are such great actors. And the writers, I mean, Krista Vernoff, Meg Marinis, all of them, Jamie Denbo… Krista is Shonda’s right-hand woman, and they’ve been there since the beginning — a lot of these writers. They’re just incredible and it’s iconic writing.”

Grey’s Anatomy: Kate Walsh Says ‘It’s Funny’ Being an ‘Elder Statesman’ Now On Set

The 55-year-old actress reprised her Grey’s character in season 18 before expanding continuing to appear in multiple episodes of the current 19th season, which will say farewell to Ellen Pompeo as a series regular when it returns on Feb. 23.

“You know, what Shonda sort of established was addressing — obviously all framed in the housing of a hospital — but she deals with social issues. She’s always dealt with it,” Walsh credited. “Krista, Meg, they’re writing this great women’s health storyline this year that’s so inclusive and looking at everything from all aspects. And it’s just been incredible to play.”

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Source: ET Online

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