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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: Preview on episode 2! – WATCH

On the US network ABC, Episode 2 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, entitled “Wasn’t Expecting That” will air soon. On which new mission will our first responders embark? Let’s see together some preview!

Grey's Anatomy 19 Episode 2

Synopsis of episode 19×02

ABC released a first logline that teases what’s going to happen in Wasn’t Expecting That. Let’s see together what this episode is about.

The attending surgeons and interns work together to solve a medical mystery when a college kid comes in with what first looks like food poisoning but has escalating and dire complications. Meanwhile, Jo spends her day off with Bailey.

All promotional photos of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 2

ABC has now released promotional pictures for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19×02 ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’. Let’s take a look!

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Sneak Peeks

Sneak peeks from the episode are not available yet. Keep following us ’cause we will upload everything as soon as ABC releases it!


The promo from the episode is available below. Keep following us ’cause we will upload everything as soon as ABC releases it!

What do you think about this first preview on Wasn’t Expecting That of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!

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