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Grey’s Anatomy: How much do you remember about Jackson Avery?

Jackson Avery, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a fictional character in the ABCprime timemedical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, portrayed by actor Jesse Williams.

The character was created by series creator and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes. He was introduced in season 6 episode “Invasion” as a surgical resident formerly from Mercy West Medical Center when it merges with Seattle Grace Hospital.

How much you remember about Jackson Avery ‘s personal, love and working storyline on Grey’s Anatomy? Find out with our quiz!

Williams initially appeared as a recurring cast member, and was later promoted to a series regular in season 7. The character’s main storyline involves Jackson trying to achieve success on his own instead of riding on the coattails of his surgeon grandfather’s high reputation

Test yourself and show us how much you know about the character of Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy! We at Survived The Shows believe in you… GO!


Congratulations! Jackson has no secrets for you

maybe you need a rewatch

#1. What's Jackson's daughter's name?

#2. What's Jackson's surgical specialty?

#3. What sparked Jackson's relationship with Lexie?

#4. Who was Jackson's date to April's wedding?

#5. Jackson's grandfather is the namesake of the _______ Avery Award

#6. What did Jackson and April name their son?

#7. Who was Jackson's surgical mentor?

#8. Why did Jackson break up with Lexie?

#9. Jackson saved a child from a _______


Share your results on how well you know Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Karev and his story’s twists and turns with us in the comments and may the best win!

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