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Hallmark’s The Way Home: Preview on Episode 3! – WATCH

Hallmark Channel has a new series coming: The Way Home follows the lives of three generations of women – respectfully played by Andie MacDowell (Maid), Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) & Sadie Laflamme-Snow – in a single family with a time travel curveball thrown in. On Sunday, Jan 29, Episode 3 of The Way Home, which is entitled I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is airing on Hallmark Channel. Let’s take a first look!

Evan Williams (Blonde, “Versailles”) and Sadie Laflamme-Snow (“The Apprentice”), Alex Hook (“I am Frankie”), Al Mukadam (“Pretty Hard Cases,” “The Detail), Jefferson Brown (Masters of Romance, “Slasher”) and David Webster (Luckiest Girl Alive, “In the Dark”) also star.


Alice falls in love with the past and has her first kiss. Kat starts a job at the local paper. Del deals with bittersweet memories attached to Colton’s boat.


Hallmark Channel has released any synopsis or details for The Way Home Season 1 Episode 3. Keep following us – we’ll upload more as soon as released by Hallmark!

Kat starts a new job at the local paper and finds herself covering a much different kind of story than she did in Minneapolis. The reporter in her becomes suspicious of Alice’s newfound contentment in Port Haven which, unbeknownst to her, is fueled by the time Alice is spending in
the past with the Landrys during a happier time. Meanwhile, when Del gets an offer to buy the
boat Colton (Brown) bought for them, the prospect of selling it stirs up mixed emotions.


“The Way Home” is a Neshama Entertainment production in association with MarVista Entertainment. Executive producers are Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke, Fernando Szew,
Hannah Pillemer, Larry Grimaldi, Ani Kevork, Arnie Zipursky, Mary Reed, Lauren MacKinlay, Andie
MacDowell and Chyler Leigh. The series is produced by John Calvert. Kyle Hart is supervising
producer. Jessica Runck serves as consulting producer. Nimisha Mukerji directed from a script
by Runck.

Promotional Photos

Hallmark Channel hasn’t released any specific promotional pictures for The Way Home Season 1 Ep3 yet, but get a look at some first look pictures!

Keep following us – we’ll upload them as soon as released by Hallmark!


Hallmark Channel hasn’t released any promo or sneak peek for The Way Home Season 1 Ep3 yet. Keep following us – we’ll upload them as soon as released by Hallmark!

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