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Hallmark’s The Way Home – Who said that? – QUIZ

Three generations of Landry women connect and discover more about each other and themselves on Hallmark’s The Way Home. If you have been watching the episodes closely, test your skills and find out if you can recognize who said what and see how you score!

the way home
Hallmark’s The WayHome – Who said that? – QUIZ

Hallmark Channel has a new series coming: The Way Home follows the lives of three generations of women – respectfully played by Andie MacDowell (Maid), Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) & Sadie Laflamme-Snow – in a single family with a time travel curveball thrown in. 

Evan Williams (Blonde, “Versailles”) and Sadie Laflamme-Snow (“The Apprentice”), Alex Hook (“I am Frankie”), Al Mukadam (“Pretty Hard Cases,” “The Detail), Jefferson Brown (Masters of Romance, “Slasher”) and David Webster (Luckiest Girl Alive, “In the Dark”) also star.

Put yourself to the test on how much you know about Hallmark’s The Way Home and its characters!


Hallmark’s The Way Home and the Laundries don’t have any secrets for you!

You might need a little review…

#1. Once a singer, always a singer.

#2. I don’t want to go anywhere without you

#3. I want to get to know my family, even the ones who are gone.

#4. Rule number one. Don’t fear change.

#5. It’s easy to fall into old habits, memories.

#6. The amount of time you are gone from now is equal to the amount of time you spend back then.

#7. You really shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand.

#8. Have you ever kept any big secrets?


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