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Haul Out the Holly, starring Lacey Chabert & Wes Brown, premieres Nov 26 on Hallmark! – WATCH

Lacey Chabert and Wes Brown star in “Haul Out the Holly” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, November 26 on Hallmark Channel.
It’s part of the network’s annual “Miracles of Christmas” programming event. – Let’s take a first look!

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Haul Out the Holly, starring Lacey Chabert & Wes Brown, premieres Nov 26 on Hallmark! – WATCH


When Emily unexpectedly spends the holidays alone at her parents’ house, their HOA insists that she participate in its many Christmas festivities.

Starring Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky, Melissa Peterman and Ellen Travolta.

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On the heels of a preholiday break up, Emily (Chabert) returns to her childhood home on Evergreen Lane to spend time with her parents (Jacobson, “Fear the Walking Dead” and CarrieMorgan, “Holly & Ivy”). When she arrives, she learns that they are going on a trip and leavingher at their house alone for the holidays. Soon, the HOA they once founded and devoted mostof their time to, comes knocking literally. Now headed up by her childhood friend Jared (Brown),Evergreen Lane’s HOA is determined to get Emily to participate in its many Christmas festivities.

Though Emily wants nothing more than to curl up alone with Christmas movies and cocoa, Jaredbegins issuing citations each time Emily’s décor doesn’t meet the neighborhood’s strict standards.To work off the citations, and perhaps persuaded by Jared’s charms, Emily agrees to help out.Soon, she joins Jared and her parents’ quirky and competitive neighbors Ned (Tobolowsky),Pamela (Peterman) and Mary Louise (Travolta) in planning and decorating. Though Emily hasnever been sure whether to think Christmas is merely the longest todo list of all time or actuallyfun maybe this year she’ll find out.

Lacey Chabert Explains the Fun Hallmark Cameo in ‘Haul Out the Holly’

Wes Brown’s Jared is so quirky. Not the typical hunk with a heart.

Lacey Chabert: He did such a wonderful job…. I was surrounded by the funniest people. The biggest challenge on set was to not laugh.

I love that Emily, at one point, actually watches Hallmark’s Christmas in Vienna, starring Brennan Elliott.

We’ve done nine Hallmark movies together and he’s a dear friend, so I was like, “If I reference anyone here, it has to be Brennan!” [Laughs]

How was filming in Utah?

It was about 107 degrees. [Laughs] We were all bundled up and using every trick in the book to stay cool. But I’ve realized it’s not a Christmas movie unless you’re sweating in cashmere!

Promotional pictures for Haul Out the Holly

Promotional pictures are now available! Take a first look!


Here’s a first look!

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