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How much do you know about the couples of Grey’s Anatomy? | Quiz

Besides its being the longest-running medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy is best known for two things: handsome doctors and passionate and emotional love stories and couples! And what about you, fans? How much do you know about the development of all the couples and love stories on TV’s longest-running medical drama? Find out with our new quiz!

Grey's Anatomy: il finale anticipato della stagione 16 fa il pieno di  ascolti
Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) – Credit: ABC

It is especially couples and love stories that have followed in seventeen years of filming of the historical medical drama Grey’s Anatomy that mark the collective imagination more than many other TV series. So much so that Hollywood Reporter asked the cast members what are the favourites among the couples of Grey’s Anatomy.

Back and forth, attempts at living together, anxiety, nervousness, oaths of eternal love, adopted and natural children for such a strange and difficult family.

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How much do you actually remember about all couples and their evolution throughout the course of the 17 seasons of TV’s longest-running medical drama? Test yourself with our quiz dedicated to the love stories of Grey’s Anatomy!


Congrats! The couples of Grey’s Anatomy have no secrets for you!

It seems there’s need of an intensive review with the help of the Torres method here…

#1. What's the nickname with which Meredith introduces herself to Derek?

#2. Who was Cristina Yang going to marry at the end of Season 3?

#3. Who was Richard Webber truly in love with?

#4. Initially Jackson and April 's relationship was...

#5. Who did Alex Karev get married with?

#6. Who among the interns had an affair with Addison Sheperd?

#7. Why did Cristina and Owen get to divorce?

#8. Which of these characters is part of the LGBTQ community?

#9. Little Sofia was born out of a one night stand between...

#10. Which area of the hospital saw the birth of the majority of love stories?


Share your results on how much you know about the beautiful couples and love stories of Grey’s Anatomy with us in the comments and may the best win!

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