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HomenetflixHow Penn Badgley Reunited With You Co-Star Victoria Pedretti

How Penn Badgley Reunited With You Co-Star Victoria Pedretti

Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley are on the same page – They recently reunited to do a dive deep into the Netflix series, in which Penn plays Joe Goldberg and Victoria played Love Quinn (before her death) in season three.

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Here’s How Penn Badgley Reunited With You Co-Star Victoria Pedretti

While the twisted tale holds numerous edge-of-your-seat scenes, there are a few in particular that both Victoria and Penn hold close to their hearts.

Penn declared on the Nov. 15 episode of his Podcrushed podcast, “Episode two. All those therapy scenes.”

It turns out Victoria was fond of those clips as well. As for what about them stood out to her, she quipped on the podcast, “Well, that we were talking.”

“Like, they were real scenes in which you’re talking, and responding, and there’s dialogue and there’s a journey through the scene,” Victoria noted. “It’s not just starting in a heightened place.”

In addition, Victoria said that she views scenes of that type as an outlet to really express a role.

“I always love scenes in psychologist offices, like, across the board on everything,” she added. “I think it’s a great space to explore characters with their guard down a little bit.”

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