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How Sophia Bush uses her celebrity status to help women in business

Good Sam and One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush continues her focus on improving the world for women in business.

Along with her continuing partnership with Johnnie Walker, she is highlighting the company’s IFundWomen to pay for $1 million in grants for women-owned businesses by 2030. She relishes being able to support women-owned businesses, especially as we head into the holiday season, the ideal time for gift-giving.

How Sophia Bush is showing support for women who are interested in business

Well, you know, it’s amazing, I think back initially to our first venture together in 2018, raising funds for Johnnie Walker’s She Should Run to ensure that more women get elected to office.

Oprah Winfrey Quotes
Oprah Winfrey Quotes

All these years later, as we’ve looked around and continued to expand our work, the reality is that women are underrepresented everywhere. We’re underrepresented in the halls of government. We are underrepresented in tech companies. We’re underrepresented in academia, and we are certainly underrepresented in business, and particularly underfunded.

To us, we know that women need to be funded so that they can launch their businesses and make their dreams come true. And in any vertical that they want to work in, we believe that you’ve got to have a first in order to have a second, third, fourth, and fifth, and all the women who will come after her. So for us, on Women’s Equality Day, to be working as a team.

Lilly Singh, me, and everyone at Johnnie Walker, everyone at She Should Run, and everyone at IFundWomen, to be launching this First Strides initiative, the next phase of the first strides initiative feels really major.

Bush’ favorite women-owned businesses to support

Oh, my goodness, especially now with the age of Instagram, there are just so many. There are women who, when I’m designing my home or helping friends design their homes. There are women across the country who I’m buying paintings from and quirky little antiques and tchotchkes that I found on Instagram. And then there are women like some of the folks who we’ve given grants to, who are changing their industries.

We gave a grant to these women at Green Buffalow who are making firefighter uniforms that are cut for women. All of these women who work to save our ecosystems have had to wear men’s clothes all this time. That’s wild. And you would think in 2022 that that wouldn’t be an issue, but it is.

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