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HomenewsIrreverent: Colin Donnell on Season 1 ending

Irreverent: Colin Donnell on Season 1 ending

Irreverent star Colin Donnell breaks down where Paulo is after that season 1 ending, his feelings for Piper and more!

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Irreverent Season 1.]

irreverent colin donnell

Talk about Paulo losing Lewis [Marcus Johnson]. Like you said, he’s the one guy he trusts.

Colin Donnell: He was. Lewis is the only family that Mack or Paulo — I go between Mack and Paulo — has left, and so it really highlights the danger and the severity that he’s dealing with. Lewis has been the constant in his life. No matter what, he was always gonna pick up the phone. He was always gonna bail him out. To know that’s not there anymore puts him into a totally different space. He recognizes the danger. He knows there’s something that has to be done about it. If they did that to Lewis, then these other people that he started to care so much about — Daisy [Tegan Stimson], Piper, Peter [Wayne Blair], really the entire town of Clump that he’s come to have an affection for — are all in danger now.

Is he ready to leave that community behind? It’s almost like his first found family.

I don’t think so. But the big question is what happens now? The last person he wanted to know his secret now knows his secrets. The town is exposed because — well, they don’t necessarily have the internet after that. [Laughs] But it’s been exposed to the wider world. Now there’s a million ways this could go. He’s fallen into this comfortable rhythm of pretending to be a preacher. He’s gotten validation from the bishop herself who was like, “I know maybe you’re bad at this, but it turns out you’re actually pretty good because you can communicate with these people in a way that is honest and real and you’re speaking on universal truths within the walls of the church.” Because he’s been so singularly focused, now all of these balls are in the air and he doesn’t really know where they’re gonna land.

Does Paulo feel like maybe he’s gotten Piper to warm up to him enough and after what just happened that he can trust her to not turn him in?

Fingers crossed, right? That is the biggest question, I think, at the end of the season. Everybody’s got a decision to make. Does he leave? Does he stay? If he stays, what does Piper do? Is she committed to upholding the law and making him pay for all the things that he’s done? Or does she look the other way because he’s saved her life more than once? There are so many questions left unanswered, which I think is a great hopefully launching point going forward.

Irreverent: Colin Donnell on Season 1 ending

It seems like at times, there could have been sparks between them. Does he even know how he feels about her?

He’s confused. He doesn’t want to step on whatever she has with Aidan [Jason Wilder]. But he knows that her trajectory in life doesn’t necessarily collide with his, and he also sees himself as a danger to whoever’s around him, which is a hard thing to cope with and which is why he tries to keep people at such a distance. He doesn’t want to involve them in whatever he’s got going on. By the end of our season, that’s no longer the case. Everybody’s sort of involved. But that’s the big question going forward is, will they, won’t they? To put it into simplistic terms. There’s a definite pull between the two of them, but he has always been very careful to tread lightly where she is concerned out of respect for her and also with a head full of knowledge that that’s not good for anybody right now.

Was there ever the possibility that Mack would confess to Piper?

Yep. There’s no stone unturned. I wrote quite a few drafts of that finale and beat breakdowns and all kinds of things moving the puzzle pieces around to see what would be the best fit. I think we landed where we were supposed to, but yeah, we talked about confessions.

What are your hopes for a second season?

One of the most fun things is watching Mack deal with the town of Clump and his new responsibilities as the reverend. There’s so much humor to be found in him fumbling his way through even the most mundane circumstances, like walking in to find a sign-up for a 5k fun run. The criminal element aside, it’s those more human moments that happened between him and the people of Clump that really brought me so much joy. There’s so much material to mine within that, of him navigating his way through this weird wild place that he found himself in.

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