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James Van Der Beek on How Dawson’s Creek “Changed My Life”

James Van Der Beek is reminiscing about the creek – Dawson’s Creek star reflected on his star-making role in the hit WB teen soap as he celebrated the show’s 25th anniversary on Friday. He posted an image of himself portraying Dawson Leary, along with a heartfelt tribute.

“Twenty-five years ago today… my life changed. Not gradually, not day-by-day…instantly,” he stated. “It was the culmination of 5 years of auditioning, hundreds of hours on stage, thousands of hours traveling, preparing, dreaming, hoping, hearing ‘no,’ and making up reasons to keep going. But the shift was overnight.”

“There was life before becoming famous… and life after. Both have their benefits, both have their obstacles,” Van Der Beek continued, geotagging the post to Wilmington, N.C., where the show was filmed.

Credit: Instagram / James Van Der Beek
Van Der Beek explained that the “biggest surprise” was “how little it thrilled me” to brag about his success. After years of his family asking how his career was going and wanting to have something “impressive” to tell them.

“When I’d finally gotten the thing that was plastered on so many billboards and bus stops that no one even HAD to ask… I recall wondering what hell I’d been pining for. It didn’t feel like a finish line,” he recalled. “It wasn’t a salve for insecurities — it was a pressure cooker. Long-buried traumas didn’t disappear — they now lived closer to the surface.”

Katie Holmes also celebrated the anniversary, sharing a throwback behind-the-scenes photo to her Instagram Stories of the cast and creative team, including Kevin Williamson, Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec.

“Happy 25th!!!!! I loved growing up with everyone and experiencing some really beautiful times! Thank you to all of the fans of #DawsonsCreek,” she wrote with the photo, which was originally shared by Mary-Margaret Humes, who played Dawson’s mother Gail.

Credit: Instagram / Mary-Margaret Humes

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Source: PEOPLE

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