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Jason George talks about his career from Friends to Station 19

Jason George, talking about his career, Also Played a Firefighter in a 2001 Episode of ‘Friends’

Grey’s Anatomy alum Jason George got his own spinoff — Station 19 — when his character, Ben Warren, switched career.

Ben has made a couple of unexpected professional choices since he first showed up in Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama. Surprisingly, one of those changes was previewed when George appeared on Friends, and he didn’t even know it

Jason George in Grey's Anatomy

Ben Warren was an attending anesthesiologist when ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans first met him

George made his first appearance as Dr. Ben Warren way back in Grey’s Anatomy season 6. At the time, he was an attending anesthesiologist at Mercy West Medical Center who transferred to Seattle Grace when the two hospitals merged and became Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

But after more than a decade of working to become a doctor — medical school, residency, fellowships, certifications, etc.. — Ben suddenly decided to make a major change. He effectively started his career over and became a surgical intern.

But another change here was in his career. In fact from a surgical intern he decided to became a firefighter!

It looks like Station 19 star Jason George has some experience acting as a firefighter

It turns out this is not the first time he has done it.

In a 2001 Friends episode, “The One Where They’re Up All Night,” he appears as a fireman knocking on Phoebe’s door at an unheard-of hour after she illegally disconnected her fire alarm. In the scene, Phoebe comically struggles to get the device to stop beeping, according to IMDb. So she finds an innovative way to take care of the problem.

Desperate for sleep, she finally thinks she has fixed the issue. But soon, the firefighter wakes her up. He informs her: “We found your fire alarm in the trash chute.” Phoebe replies, “That’s not mine,” to which the firefighter says, “Yes, it is.”

Asked how he knows, he delivers the scene’s punchline: “The next time you want to dump a fire alarm, don’t wrap it in a blanket that says, ‘Property of Phoebe Buffay, not Monica.’”

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