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Jesse Williams Accuses Ex-Wife of Being ‘Controlling and Restrictive’!

Jesse Williams and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, are still locked in a custody battle more than one year after finalizing their divorce.

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The Grey’s Anatomy alum Jesse Williams filed papers against the real estate broker on February 8, accusing his ex-wife of “repeated violation of court orders” and “erratic, gatekeeping behavior” in court documents obtained by Us Weekly.

Jesse Williams claimed that Drake-Lee has “become increasingly controlling and restrictive” of his time with their two children, Sadie, 8, and Maceo, 6.

All this despite his “deeply connected, loving relationship” with his daughter and son. He alleged that his ex has taken the kids from their school and his home’s front yard on his custodial days. Not to mention, she ignores most of his FaceTime calls.

The actor went on to claim that the California native has “manic outbursts in front of the children”. Including in October 2021 when she allegedly screamed at him and “yanked Sadie from my arms like a rag doll” on Halloween.

He further alleged that Drake-Lee’s “unreasonable” legal filings and behavior are “a perpetual loop of the same disproven, unsupported tales and flagrant disrespect for the court’s orders”.

Williams filed the documents in response to papers that Drake-Lee submitted in December 2021. She requested at the time to modify their custody schedule. Claiming that his work and other factors led to inconsistency and disruptions to their kids’ lives. She alleged that Williams had “demonstrated a lack of concern for [stability], often making decisions based on what’s most convenient for him at the time, rather than the overall best interest of our children.”

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Source: US Magazine

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