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Jessica Raine reveals what drew her to her role in Becoming Elizabeth

Jessica Raine, who plays Catherine Parr in Becoming Elizabeth, revealed what drew her to her role in the first place!

Parr was so much more than the final wife of Henry VIII. On Becoming Elizabeth, we get to see more of the reality of Catherine’s life, expanding beyond the one-word moniker that has come to define her existence.

This was what drew actress Jessica Raine to the role in the first place

“She’s very much reduced to the rhyme of the one that survived,” she says. “And she’s got this really rich history that I was completely unaware of. She was married twice before she married Henry VIII. So, she’s been in three loveless marriages. She is the first woman to have an original work published in England, ever. Henry VIII trusted her to hold the fort while he went away to fight. You get the sense that she’s got so much more to offer than just being the wife that survived.”

The series picks up some parts of her life that are not told about in history books

“This period that you pick up on in the series is another really rich part of her history that we’re just completely unaware of,” Raine adds. “She’s released from this marriage, and can finally get together with her lover. Because her and Thomas Seymour were together before Henry plucked her from court and decided that she was going to be his wife. It’s this love that’s really deep and has a lot of history. She can finally have a life where she’s the queen and she’s got someone that she loves by her side who listens to her. I am really excited for audiences to meet a Catherine Parr that we’re not necessarily familiar with. Because the way our history books are written, we’ll reduce women to one word and write volumes on Henry VIII, who was a psychopath.”

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Source: EW

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