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Jessy Schram Teases Her Next Projects! – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – WATCH

Brilliant but down-to-earth, Jessy Schram has just come back to Chicago Med after a brief hiatus that allowed her character to recover from a heroin addiction. And now comes the good stuff. We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of discussing with Jessy Schram about her next projects.

Could you spill something about your next gig? We saw you were on set in Puerto Rico… anything you can share?

Right now I don’t think I’m allowed to say what it is, but it will be a TV show. I get to come as a guest star into a show and I have such a fun storyline. It’s something that I definitely have not played before. There is, there’s a lot of comedy in it, which is, like I said, something. I’m not always on the screen for and it was so much fun so it’ll be a TV show that’ll come out in, I believe, in fall, so it’ll be on the fall lineup.

Jessy Schram
How about another Hallmark Movie?

Hopefully. I’m going back to film Chicago Med soon, so we’re still figuring out if there’s any time to get to film one before. If scheduling allows, with work, I’ll be doing one, but otherwise it might just have to wait till next year.

Will you watch Jessy Schram on her next role?

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