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Jessy Schram Was ‘Completely Surprised’ By Hannah’s Return To Chicago Med!

When Dr. Hannah Asher went away to rehab during the Season 6 premiere of “Chicago Med,” actress Jessy Schram had to say her goodbyes to the series. However, she had a hunch that she would one day return to the set. “In the beginning when I was on the show, there were a lot of talks about continuing the storyline,” Schram recently revealed during an exclusive interview with The List.

Jessy Schram as Dr Hannah Asher on Chicago Med - PH: NBC
Jessy Schram as Dr Hannah Asher on Chicago Med – PH: NBC

Stepping into Dr. Hannah Asher’s shoes for a second time was exciting. It was also extremely nerve-wracking for the actress to navigate what the character was like after Hannah’s life-changing decision to stop using drugs. “To be honest, I had anxiety about how I was going to approach Hannah coming back,” Jessy Schram admitted to The List.

While Schram said returning to the medical drama was like “coming home,” she also knew that playing Dr. Asher would be a completely different experience this time around. Just like her character, Schram now needed a fresh outlook to explore what Hannah’s new life looked like after successfully completing rehab. “And to also not lose the essence of somebody that is still working through something,” Schram explained. “Because addiction never actually goes away when you’re in recovery.”

Jessy Schram
Though a lot has changed since fans were first introduced to Dr. Asher, the impact that the character has had on audiences has had everlasting effects.

“I still am constantly blown away,” Schram said. “The people that I meet randomly walking down the street or at the airport. So many people are telling me their stories of how the character has affected their life, whether it be that they know somebody that has an issue with opioids or whether they themselves are somebody that has turned the corner and are continuing to build in their life.”

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Source: The List

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