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Justin Hartley stars in the Netflix adaptation of The Noel Diary – UPDATE

This is us star Justin Hartley plays another role as much moving as that of Kevin Pearson, as he stars in the Netflix movie The Noel Diary, an adaptation of the 2017 namesake novel by Richard Paul Evans. This movie will be coming to Netflix this Thanksgiving Day – November 24th!


Directed by Father of the Bride’s Charles Shyer, “The Noel Diary” finds best-selling author Jake Turner [Hartley] returning to his childhood home after a long absence. His mother recently passed away and Jake’s back to settle the estate. However, an encounter with a young woman named Rachel [Barrett Doss], and the discovery of a diary, sends the two on a quest to unlock the truth regarding their pasts and mend their hearts.  

The Noel Diary features Justin Hartley, who is also executive producer, Treat Williams (Everwood, Chesapeake Shores) and Bonnie Bedelia (Parenthood).

“You have this character, Jake, that appears to be a certain way and have everything under control and have a great life,” Hartley says. “You peel back the layers of him and you realize he is running from his past. The things that he kind of figures happened to him and shaped him along the way, might not be the way he remembers. 

Justin Hartley Admits Holiday Movie ‘The Noel Diary’ Was Filmed In Summer Heatwave

“The Noel Diary” unfolds around Christmas, a time of snow, cold and festive decorations. That was all Hollywood magic. The truth is production took place during a sweltering summer heatwave in Connecticut. 

“It was June or July,” Hartley recalls. “It was very humid. The car we were in had no air conditioning. It looked so cool. I remember when Charles and I were talking about the car. We found this car and it looked so awesome. It didn’t dawn on me that it wouldn’t have any air conditioning. 

“It was pretty brutal,” he continues. “But, it wasn’t the heat necessarily. Have you ever tried not to sweat? It’s virtually impossible. You will explode. The makeup artists were coming over every few seconds and blotting us down. It was a challenge, but fun nonetheless.”

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