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Homela breaLa Brea 2: Zyra Gorecky on Izzy 's prosthetic leg trouble

La Brea 2: Zyra Gorecky on Izzy ‘s prosthetic leg trouble

La Brea star Zyra Gorecky talked about her charcater Izzy ‘s prosthetic leg trouble after loosing her footing and make the socket crack.

Izzy busting her prosthetic in an era where fiberglass and carbon fiber composites are many millennia from existing “was an idea in the writers’ room,” showrunner David Appelbaum tells TVLine. “But we certainly consulted with Zyra about how it would play out.”

La Brea 2: Zyra Gorecky on Izzy 's prosthetic leg trouble

Offering her own POV on the very personalized plot twist, Gorecki said, “It was really weird just thinking about, like, being in 10,000 B.C. and having a fake leg and all of the garbage that goes with it. But David was really awesome about asking exactly what would happen if that were the case, if something did happen to your leg in 10,000 B.C.”

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Discussing Gorecki’s casting, Appelbaum said it was “always part of the story that [Izzy] is an amputee, and it was always important to us that we find an actor who was an amputee. We conducted a really big search when we were initially doing the pilot, and we were so lucky to find Zyra. She has this great charisma … and immediately inhabited the role.

Izzy is struggling both physically and emotionally

Gorecki says that “both physically and emotionally, Izzy is having a very difficult time” since leaping into that Seattle sinkhole.

“That’s a very long walk with two completely-there legs. Let alone one leg and a dad who’s got a lot of issues, you know?” the actress noted with a laugh. “She’s going through it.”

What do you think of how Izzy ‘s prosthetic leg problem was handled in La Brea?

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Source: TVLine

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