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La Brea Season 2: Preview on Episode 2 – WATCH

On October 4, Episode 2 of NBC’s La Brea Season 2, entitled The Cave, is airing on NBC. Let’s take a first exclusive look!

la brea season 2 episode 2
La Brea Season 2×02: Preview – WATCH


NBC has released a first synopsis from La Brea Season 2×02. Keep following us for more news – we will upload more as soon as available!

While Gavin enlists the help of his grandfather to guide him to his missing wife, Eve and Levi navigate a horrifying new reality. In 1988, Josh and Riley discover they’re being followed by a suspicious man who reveals information about the mystery behind the sinkholes.


Promotional pictures

NBC has released any promotional pictures from La Brea Season 2 Episode 2. Keep following us for more news – we will upload them as soon as available!


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