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HomenewsLauren Cohan teases TWD Farewell & hopes to play Maggie 'forever'

Lauren Cohan teases TWD Farewell & hopes to play Maggie ‘forever’

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan said she hopes to play Maggie on the shows for a long time: “I hope I do it forever.”

While The Walking Dead commences its final run of episodes this Sunday night on AMC (with the series finale slated for Nov. 20), The Walking Dead franchise is just getting started with a whole new slate of spin-offs. That also includes a highly anticipated spin-off set in New York City for enemies-turned-allies Maggie and Negan for the upcoming The Walking Dead: Dead City.

“Jeff and I know the ropes,” says Cohan. “And then we just get to be here with a whole group of new people. These are characters that we’ve been with for a really long time, but now we do it in this whole new landscape with New York, which is so cool.”

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Lauren Cohan hopes to play Maggie on Walking Dead shows 'forever'

Cohan talks about the complicated dynamic between the duo

“It’s the intricacies of the space between those two people and how they’re going to be forced to face the ways they’re so different and the ways that they may not be so different. That to me has just been incredibly invigorating.”

In fact, it has been so invigorating that Cohan now sees no end to her affiliation with Maggie. “When people say to me, ‘Wow, you’ve been doing that show so long,’ I say, ‘And I hope I do it forever.'”

She feels that pull to both character and project on set daily. “We were doing some stuff on the new show where Jeff and I are in the scene with two other characters,” says the actress, a smile plastered across her face, “And I just looked at him and I was like, ‘There it is. There’s the heart of all of it.’ Whatever this is that the show has always asked of all of us, of how we would respond to this life, is so enduring for me to keep looking at.”

Lauren Cohan Teases ‘Highest Highs & Lowest Lows’ in ‘TWD’ Farewell

m in the final episode. My last shot was the perfect scene to end on because it has a lot of hope and possibility. When we got to the end of it, it was very windy where we were shooting. Suddenly, it got very strong, to the point where everything was wild, hair was whipping around. You were even holding on to people. It was so strange. A couple of others who wrapped in the same scene said their goodbye and thank you to the crew. I knew what I was going to say, had it all under control, but when I looked around at everybody’s faces, I was just so overwhelmed. It was such a wave of disbelief and love at what we had all achieved.

I think that we on the show need to inhabit this aggressive persona to protect the vulnerable things we enjoy in life. For me, having that reminder has been such a reassurance of why the people we love, and love itself, are so important.

There are some of the highest highs and lowest lows within this final episode and these last eight. There’s a good amount of us all together. Things that you always dreamed of — but they don’t come without a cost. I hope fans will feel a similar combination of what we felt while filming, where some things are answered but nothing’s really complete, and you still have to find the beauty in that.

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Source: EW

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