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Lily D Moore Breaks Down Her Experience In The Hallmark Movie Color My World With Love! – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW

Hallmark is taking a groundbreaking path, showing a beautiful story featuring two people with Down Syndrome. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of talking with Lily D Moore, who plays Kendall on Color My World With Love, and discuss her experience working on this movie and portraying a story with such a personal and positive message.

What’s the main element of your character and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to join Color My World With Love?

LILY D MOORE: Well, Kendall is living her best life, taking classes, painting, falling in love and she has to convince her mom that is all OK. I was drawn to this role because this is actually what’s happening in my life.

Actually, this is the first Hallmark movie featuring leads characters with Down Syndrome and that’s what makes it so ground-breaking. How was it like for you to portray this story that is also very personal to you, isn’t it?

LM: It meant a lot to me and I was honored to play Kendall. It’s a real story. Parents have a hard time letting their children grow up. Even if we fail sometimes.

Lily D Moore Breaks Down Her Experience In The Hallmark Movie Color My World With Love! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

What can you tease about Kendall story and how will she sort of interact with the other characters?

LM: Well, for me it was really fun playing Kendall. I think that because, like in Kendall’s life, she does have struggles in her life with you know like a love relationship and dealing with family, so I think it’s really important that people know that there are struggles in real life and that we can, you know, work things out. But also sometimes parents have a hard time letting their kids grow up and they shouldn’t do everything for us. So I even if we feel like, even if we feel like we can do it and we can persevere through it.

Which was the biggest challenge for you in portraying Kendall?

LM: I was really emotional because I also have hopes and dreams like falling in love and get married one day. Also, my parents have a hard time letting me grow up.

Lily D Moore on the Hallmark movie Color My World With Love

Talking about the environment on set, how could you describe your experience while filming Color My World With Love?

LM: My experience on set was amazing. I definitely felt really welcomed. Everybody was so fun and so sweet, and it was like being in a hallmark movie. I’ve always wanted to be in a Hallmark movie so I’m very happy and excited for everybody to see this movie.

We can say that your character interacts with more or less all the other characters. How was it like to work with both Erica Durance, Karen Kruper and David DeSanctis? What’s your favourite relationship on screen?

LM: I learned so much from Erica and Karen we ran our lines together and went overseas together. They are amazing people. My favorite relationships is definitely me and my mom. It shows how much fun we have and also how we have problems and how we can work things out and we’re so close.

Lily D Moore and Erica Durance on the Hallmark movie Color My World With Love

Throwing back to your past experiences, you also starred in a great Netflix TV show that’s about to come out for its final season this summer: Never Have I Ever. How was it like to work on that show and what’s your favourite memory out of that experience?

LM: Well, for me the experience was so much fun. Everyone was super nice and one of my favorite memories from the show is when I called my brother a douche. It was really fun working with [Darren Barnett]. He was so sweet and like he was there for me like if I needed to go over my lines or anything. He was there to you know go over the lines with me and and all that. So that was really nice.

Lily D Moore and Darren Barnett on the set of Never Have I Ever

If you had to give some advice to young people who want to pursue an acting career, which kind of advice would you give them?

LM: Follow your dreams, but know that it is hard work and it does take time but also that you are unique, beautiful and brave and that you can do it.

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