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Love Victor 3: Bebe Wood Teases A Very Introspective Season 3 On Love, Victor! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

Just as bursting with energy and brilliant as her character, if not more so, Bebe Wood started from the origins of her joining the Love Victor cast, through her experience on the show and her favourite scenes, to give fans an exclusive preview of what they can expect from the show’s third and final season, which she says will provide a fitting conclusion to the story of Victor, Felix, Lake, Mia and all the kids at Creekwood High but with a more instrospective and personal tone than we’ve seen in previous seasons.

Tell us Bebe, what is the main element of the series and the character that convinced you to join the project, this amazing series?

BEBE WOOD: Well, it’s interesting because there are so many things, not only about Lake, that fascinate and interest me but also about the series. I remember when I was talking to Isac Aptaker [showrunner], when he first called me he was like ‘You should do this’ and I was like ‘Yes! That sounds great!’ BECAUSE, you know, obviously the series centres us on Victor. Well, at least in the first season, the series centres on Victor having to come to terms with accepting his sexuality and then coming out. And there’s this story arc in the first season that’s common to everyone, and not just Victor, of the series that every character has their own coming out story in some way, everyone has to accept their own version of themselves.

You know, for Lake, it’s about accepting the fact that it doesn’t matter so much what people think of you. It’s your life and you should live it the way you want to. And you know, that’s his version of it – and that’s something I’ve always seen as very interesting.

Also, I love that kind of contrariety that Lake has. You know, she somehow manages to be like the truest, boldest version of herself. But at the same time she has these deep insecurities and worries about what people think of her. She manages to be like ‘Oh, I’m me, I’m a [bleep] boss, I don’t need anybody.’ ‘ But she also has this deep need to be loved and cared for. So she’s really contradictory in that way, which I think is really human…

Bebe Wood as Lake on Love, Victor – Photo: Hulu

Considering the journey Lake has had over the course of the series, what has been the biggest challenge you have experienced in playing her?

That’s a good question. In the first season, it was really hard for me, and I think I made it in the end, or at least I hope I did, but it was hard for me. You know, I could recognize the stakes, like her social standing at school and what people think of her, and maintaining her image, it was very important to her. And initially it was hard for me to understand why, as I’ve never experienced that sort of thing….

So it was very important for me to understand these things and you know, talk to people who know them. And I think he understands them better now, but that was the biggest challenge for me. In the sense of understanding why the stakes were so high, because this was his top priority

Speaking of season 3, which will be released next month, what can you tease about Lake’s storyline?

So… I love season three. I’m really excited for everyone to see season three, and I think everyone will be really happy with it. You know, I feel like, as a fan, a lot of series haven’t had a proper ending and it makes me feel really good that with our series. We knew it was going to be the final season, and so I think we got to put a nice little bow on everything. And that’s something I’m really excited about.

And relating to Lake’s storyline, you know, you get to see more of not only Lake and who she is as a person, her views on love and relationships, but we get to see more of her personal life as well, like her family life and her friendships. I think it’s really a very introspective season for Lake and that was a lot of fun.

What does the future hold for Lake and Felix in Love Victor Season 3?

Bebe Wood: I don’t know how much I can say about Love Victor Season 3, you know, but there are some really really sweet moments in season three between Lake and Felix and I think they’re some of my favorite moments between them so far. On the flip side, I think our off-screen relationship, you know, in terms of friendship, has really served us well this season. So, that’s something that I’m really excited for people to see.

Here's Your First Look at 'Love, Victor' Season 2
Anthony Turpel and Bebe Wood in Love Victor Season 2 – Credit: Hulu

And in terms of the friendship with Mia, what can we expect?

Bebe Wood: Rachel [Hilson, who plays Mia] is one of the kindest, thoughtful people you could ever meet and I mean that really genuinely […] So, you know, it’s been so easy to love her offstage and you know, onstage as well. That was certainly very trusting of the relationship between Lake and Mia because they’re really close and they love each other very much. […]

I think their friendship in season three is really there and strenghtened in so many different ways and I would love to say why [laughs]. There are so many reasons but I think it will be really fun for the audience to see why. Yeah, I mean, this season has been so much fun, I wish I could spoil everything [laughs] you know, I wish it was out already!

love isn't always a straight line
Bebe Wood and Rachel Hilson on Love Victor – Credit: Hulu

If you had to choose one character, apart from Lake, in Love Victor, that you feel most closely related to you as Bebe, which one would you choose?

Bebe Wood: Oh God, that’s a good question. The character that I feel closest to me… I don’t know, probably Lake, to be honest. I think I have like something from Lake, something from Rahim, something from Pilar, something from Felix for sure – I love all the wacky stuff that Felix loves and, you know, there’s some things about Pilar that kind of speak to my soul, but you know like Rahim’s sense of humour and love of pop culture is something I can relate to a lot and then it’s the same thing with Lake.

Lake has this love for pop culture and these things that I enjoy […] Lake is like that, she’s so up with the times, you know, but that sort of sense of humour is something that I really, really like and relate to. You know, as different as Lake and I are, we’re also very similar in a lot of ways. So if I have to pick one character that I feel most represented by, I mean, it’s probably Lake.

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