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Homedisney+EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW to Love, Victor Cast Give Us Some Clues About Season...

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW to Love, Victor Cast Give Us Some Clues About Season 3! – WATCH

Next June 15, Love Victor Season 3, the final season, is premiering on Hulu and Disney+. Are you curious to know how Victor’s story, as well and those of all the boys and girls in Creekwood, will end? The cast of Love Victor exclusively gave us some hints about what to expect from season 3!

If you had to describe season 3 and your character’s story arc within it with three adjectives, what would they be?

Bebe Wood: Fullfilling. Growth. Self Love.

Rachel Hilson: Empowerment. Laugh. Family.

Isabella Ferreira: Chaotic. Fun. Inspiring.

Anthony Turpel: Supporting. Loving. Confused

Mateo Fernandez: Fun. Inspiring. Blossoming

What was the biggest challenge in playing your character in this final season?

Rachel Hilson: I think all of the characters throughout the three seasons have been on this journey of self discovery and I think for Mia, in particular, [the biggest challenge] has been trying to figure out how all of the pieces in her life come together, maybe, and for me I guess the biggest challenge is working with these people for the last time, that was hard.

Bebe Wood: I think what I really like about season three is that it feels very like introspective. I think we get like a huge window into like the the minds of each character this season, which is like really, really lovely and refreshing and with Lake, I mean you know, I think she’s always worried about, like you know, what people have to say about her and I think through season 1 and season 2 she’s been able to get over that and kind of just like, you know, live life for her.

But you know she’s always had issues, like, at home with her mom and I think some of those things are are brought up again this season. She she deals with some things at home, and that’s obviously a challenge for her. But yeah, I think yeah, just knowing that we were all gonna this is this was it that was the biggest challenge.

Isabella Ferreira: I think, honestly, season three was a little bit, you know, more mellow than all the other seasons. Honestly, because I think I finally was able to, you know, ground the character. So it was just fun being able to kind of play with that and see how her character blossoms throughout the season with these new challenges that arise

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In the final instants of the Season 2 finale, we see Mia running away from Creekwood to go visit her mother after a rough argue with her father. Considering the troubled past she and her mom had, how will that reunion resonate in the character’s journey in Season 3 and what can fans expect from their relationship?

Rachel Hilson: Yeah, yeah, I mean that’s been a really big. She’s in her life since season one, but something that just kind of has been a little bit left open and and unfinished, and I think what fans can expect with all of them, with that, this season is, I think, Mia learns just that there’s the concept of family and the idea of family can mean a lot of different things, and it can be really broad just whatever we want it to be.

Rachel Hilson on Love Victor Season 2 – Credit: Hulu/Disney

Another twist that was teased in the Season 2 finale and we’ll get to explore better in Season 3 is Lake’s feelings with Lucy after a very tough moment with Felix. What does Lake see in Lucy that fascinates her so much and how will she live this whole relationship the two will have?

Bebe Wood: I think that’s a good question. I think there are many opportunities for love for many characters this season. I think Lucy is exciting for many reasons. They are in sync. You can see it in the scene where they meet and have their little spark moment. I think they bond and Lucy is exciting and sweet and present and makes Lake feel sort of comfortable with who she is as a person and Lucy embraces her for who she is and I think she finds that exciting and lovely. So there’s a lot to explore, but — yeah, it’s been really fun to do that, with Ava we’ve had a great, great time.

Bebe Wood and Ava Capri on Love Victor Season 2 – Credit: Hulu/Disney

As we saw over the whole course of the show, Felix has always been like the fourth Salazar kid. Now that he and Pilar started dating, how will that affect the environment with the family?

Isabella Ferreira: I think you know, with a new relationship, especially a high school relationship, there are challenges that arise. I can’t say too much, but, you know, we have overprotective Latinx parents. So we get to definitely see that play out in season three. So I’m excited for people to see that.

Anthony Turpel and Isabella Ferreira on Love Victor Season 2 – Credit: Hulu/Disney

Another important issue that’s been addressed last season is Felix’s relationship with his mom, which suffered major psychological problems. How will their relationship grow into Season 3?

Anthony Turpel: I mean, you know they’re definitely – like you know it ended on a high note in a sense in Season 2 and so the the growth of that relationship is really a support system and like what does that look like for Felix and his mom. Because it’s been – I mean Felix has been taking care of his mom for so long. So what does that really mean for the future of their relationship? And that’s kind of where we explore some things in Season 3

Don’t miss the final season of Love Victor, season 3 coming June 15 on Disney+!

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