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HomenewsMandy Moore doubts she will be in Princess Diaries 3

Mandy Moore doubts she will be in Princess Diaries 3

Mandy Moore highly doubts that she would be involved in Princess Diaries 3, but she would love to reprise her role as Lana Thomas if asked.

“I wasn’t a part of the second movie. I would find it hard to believe that my character would ever come back for a third film,” Moore revealed. “I would totally be down because I had so much fun being a part of the first one. But yeah, I find it hard to wrap my head around the idea that Lana, unless she sort of turned her life around, I would not expect her to be a part of that story. I will watch it regardless!”

Mandy Moore doubts she will be in Princess Diaries 3

“I wish I had their numbers and texted them on the regular!” Moore told Us, noting that she has not spoken with them about a new installment. As for playing the high school mean girl, she quipped: “[It’s] so much more fun than playing the good girl, I have to say.”

Moore starred alongside Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in the beloved 2001 comedy The Princess Diaries, with Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis and Andrews’ Queen Clarisse Renaldi returning for its sequel in 2004.

“I think it would be too late to do it now,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in June. “There was talk of a sequel many, many years ago. But I don’t think it ever came to pass. And Garry then did leave us.”

She added: “[For] especially me, it’s too far down the line now to go back to it. It’s a lovely thought, but I don’t think it would probably be possible.”

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Source: USMagazine

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